Coconut Cream COCONUT SHEABUTTER CREAM - Mother's Day Gift

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Coconut Cream = Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil + Shea Butter #100%全天然 #质轻轻吸收 fast #easy to replace lotion, cream, lip balm... #天然椰香香


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Coconut Cream COCONUT SHEABUTTER CREAM - Mother's Day Gift


**/ Coconut Cream - COCONUT SHEABUTTER CREAM /** The tropical climate of the Philippines is the world's leading producer of coconut oil, and the East Visayas, surrounded by the sea, provides the best environment for coconut growth. After cutting the coconut shell, the inner pulp is extracted and extracted without chemical solvent, which is the first natural cold pressed oil. Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is not only clean and white, with more**natural coconut flavor**, fresh and not heavy texture, smear the body, moisturizing the lips can be.**do not pick the skin**gentle and easy absorption characteristics, so cold pressed coconut oil become**for all ages**natural skin care oil. Shea butter is considered a skin care gold sac in the African region and is a solid oil that exists as a hard cream at room temperature. West Africans cold extracted manually, the precious shea butter to repair dry dry rough skin, this skin-moisturizing properties are also suitable for just**long-term stay in air-conditioned rooms**we left out the skin. **Cold pressed virgin coconut oil + shea butter = coconut cream** Our natural "coconut cream" is to use the above "cold-pressed virgin coconut oil + Shea butter" made, the whole**do not add**something different from ingredients other than this, even**drop**are No. All-natural coconut cream has the advantages of cold pressed coconut oil and shea butter, no artificial flavor, only coconut flavor,**zero chemical**most skin-friendly, can replace the emulsion effect, conditioning dry, relieve skin fatigue. We use reliable and safe imported vegetable oils, hand-mixed and blended, so that the pure coconut oil and milk wood are completely combined, and the temperature control of different stages is used to skillfully produce the three-dimensional level of frost and mud. Apply a little bit of fingertips, gently apply,**with the skin temperature melted**, it can be easily spread out, using the circle to make the skin more evenly absorbed,**very**. The scent of natural cold pressed coconut oil is faint from the skin, making people like this natural feeling. If you are looking for a**affordable**natural products can bring moisturizing for the body, hands and feet, lips, cheeks and even parts, peace of mind so that the skin smooth and nourish our**coconut cream**may be large The answer that nature prepares for you. Precautions: 1. The product capacity is 50ML, and the recommended amount is one finger edge size. 2. The natural oil and fat ingredients are solidified in the cold, and it is normal to melt in the heat. Please keep it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. Store it in the refrigerator in summer. 3. Pure natural coconut cream without added preservative, shelf life of 300 days. The shipment warranty will be within 60 days from the date of manufacture. Let your coconut cream be the most natural and freshest. 4. Keep your hands dry when using, and do not let the water come into contact with coconut butter. 5. Although the ingredients are all natural, it is not recommended to eat, avoid excessive intake of saturated fatty acids :) 6. Contains natural shea butter, which may appear as fine particles; this is a normal phenomenon, please push it gently when using.


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