Ni.kou sterling silver geometric ring series (5 models in total)

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●Material: 925 sterling silver ● Size: The graphic size is about 0.4cm, and the ring thickness is about 1mm. Rings can be ordered, please measure your international size to the designer after the measurement!



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Ni.kou sterling silver geometric ring series (5 models in total)


●Material: 925 sterling silver ● Size: The graphic size is about 0.4cm, and the ring thickness is about 1mm. Rings can be ordered, please measure your international size to the designer after the measurement! ● Attention! Please be sure to confirm the size of the ring before placing the order. Since the goods are all made after payment, if the payment is made two days after the order is placed, the modification fee will be charged separately. Round Square Heart-shaped Pentagon triangle ●Bound measurement method & comparison table For the production of the ring, the size of the "International Form of the Store Form" is the main one. Please note the required "International Fence Size" when placing the order. Due to the difference in the size of each country and the size of each family, if there is a measurement in the silver building or other stores, it is recommended to measure the comparison in the following ways to improve the accuracy. ✽Measurement method 1. Go directly to the Silver House. The jewellery shop asks the clerk to help measure the size of the "International Wai". Pay attention to the non-US Wai. Hong Kong Wai. Japan Wai. 2. Place your ring on the ruler, measure the "inner ring diameter" of the ring (excluding the ring thickness), and compare the "inner diameter" of the table below. 3. Use an inelastic paper strip or tape measure to tighten the “widest point” around the circle to wear your finger. The measured length is then compared to the ruler. (Because the measurement method varies from person to person, this method has a large error.) 4. Use NI.KOU ring card measurement, link as follows Reminder: If your joint is wider than your finger, use the joint size. Try to measure your fingers in the evening, so when the finger is at its maximum. The average person has left and right hands, and the size of the finger will vary. Because the fingers will be inflated and contracted, avoid measuring the fingers cold or touching the hot water to avoid inaccurate measurement. ●**Before placing an order, please make sure that the size of the ring is correct, and the order is not returned!** This item is "order-to-order" and will only be produced after payment. It will take an average of 7 production days (excluding holidays and delivery time). ●Because the goods are all handmade, there will be traces of handwork, or asymmetry, etc. There is no way to be as perfect as a machine. The size and the knocking will be slightly different from the photo. The inner diameter of the ring will be +/-0.03cm. If the error is acceptable, please place an order again. ●Performance rules 1. If you need to modify the ring after receiving, you will be charged the modification fee and the return shipping fee. Please refer to the following instructions for the modification fee. Please return the ring package and transfer the fee. 2. Provide the first modification fee within 1 ring, within one month after receipt of the item. Supplement: If it has been modified once and is modified to 1 within the second time, it is not in the free qualification. Change the cost of the ring: Within 0.5 ~ 3 rings, one modification fee is NT$100 No modifications are available for the above 3 rings Change the small fee: 0.5 (inclusive) or more, one modification fee NT$100 ●Maintenance The silver chain part is not provided for maintenance. If the jewelry part is to be repaired, please provide pictures and discuss with the designer. Depending on the damage status, you need to pay the freight separately. ●About our hand made accessories We use 925 sterling silver and pure copper, each hand-finished jewelry, They are all completed by the traditional techniques of metalworking - sawing, knocking, carving, welding, boring, setting, throwing, etc. The texture of the hand that is welded and forged is retained. ●Maintenance knowledge 1. All accessories, no matter what kind of material are afraid of moisture, especially rain, sweat, perfume, bathing hot springs, chemical products, etc., will seriously damage the jewelry to produce oxidation, so should try to avoid and stay away. 2. Jewelry is recommended to wear often, the body's oil can make the jewelry produce a natural and lustrous beauty. 3. Jewelry will produce oxidation, vulcanization or oxidative yellowing and blackening signs with time. You can use a moist soft toothbrush with toothpaste or toothpaste to lightly brush the surface, or use a silver cloth or a copper cloth to wipe the original. Metallic luster. 4. If the jewelry is specially vulcanized, do not over-wipe it to avoid the vulcanization design effect disappearing. 5. If you are worried that the chemical emulsion of silver cloth and copper cloth will cause skin allergies, you can wash it off with water and dry it before wearing it. 6. Natural stone, crystal and pearl can be cleaned with water and then wiped with a soft cloth. 7. When not wearing, clean and put it in a sealed bag to save the oxidation speed. 8. Do not put all kinds of accessories in the same jewelry box. The hardness of the jewelry will rub against each other and cause wear and tear. 9. Never use any other tools to clean your accessories. It will leave scratches on the surface of the jewelry. If a brush is necessary, use a clean or very soft brush to brush your jewelry. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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