Mi Yue gift box │ six layers of yarn mouth towel baby bow hair with pacifier chain :::: tiger in the bush

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Six-layer gauze towel + baby bow hair band + pacifier chain is the best gift box for the baby, suitable for baby wear, the fabric is made of Korean cotton and Korean plain organic cotton, which can be used with peace of mind.



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Mi Yue gift box │ six layers of yarn mouth towel baby bow hair with pacifier chain :::: tiger in the bush


The best match for outings: saliva towel + baby bow hair band + pacifier chain, Let the baby go out and have a more styling. [Salted towel] It is made of high-quality Korean cotton cloth and Korean plain organic cotton. The lining is made of two layers of Taiwanese white double-yarn, and the back is matched with Taiwan's double-yarn. Therefore, there are six layers of yarn to enhance the water absorption function. [Baby Bow Headband] Choose Korean cotton cloth and Taiwan Festival gauze. It is suitable for babies with a head circumference of 38~48 cm. The design with big bow makes the baby look better and more lovely. ※ Consider the difference in the age and head circumference of each child. For the baby hair band, make a widening stitch (adjustable to three sections) that can be adjusted according to the head circumference, and provide self-removal. [Long version of the pacifier chain] The two-stage adjustment length can be adjusted according to the use condition. The longest (including the nipple clip) is about 22cm and the shortest is about 20cm. **↟↟↟ Divided into two combinations↟↟↟** 🎀 Group A:::: Six layers of yarn towel + baby hair band, NT.690 🎀 Group B:::: Six layers of yarn towel + baby hair band + pacifier chain, NT.820 适合 Suitable for gift giving or personal use. 礼 Gift box packaging is shipped according to the existing style, and the pattern cannot be specified. 🎀 Six-layer yarn towel single piece purchase link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/hPNqaaJk 宝宝 Baby hair with a single purchase link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/Yk8QXZcg 🎀 pacifier chain single piece purchase link: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/vECGD9Kf **| Materials and Dimensions |** [Six-layer yarn towel] 20cm×23.5cm, neck circumference: the shortest length is about 26cm, the longest length is about 29cm, the positive film cloth/Korean cotton cloth and Korean plain organic cotton, the lining/two-layer Taiwan double yarn, the back surface Cloth / Taiwan or Japan double yarn, a total of 6 heavy yarn. [Baby Bow Headband] Suitable for babies up to 38~48 cm in head circumference, fabric/Korean cotton cloth, Taiwan Festival gauze. ※The size of the head circumference varies from person to person. If you need a small size and a very large size, you can discuss it with the designer first. If you do not inform first, the size after purchase does not match the return, please pay for the freight. [Long version of the pacifier chain] two-stage adjustment length, the longest (including nipple clip) about 22cm, the shortest about 20cm, table cloth / Korean cotton cloth. ※Handmade, there will be some errors (0.2~1cm). ※Because it is hand-cut and sewn, the position of the fabric pattern cannot be exactly the same as the photo. **↟↟↟ Taiwanese design handmade ↟↟↟** **| Notes |** 1. The goods are taken in kind. The color may be slightly different because the light is different from the personal display, but it is still based on real products. If you have any doubts or unacceptable buyers, please consider carefully. 2. The inner fabric color will be adjusted according to the spot of the fabric, and the suitable fabric will be selected according to the outer fabric color. 3. Due to manual cutting and sewing, the product may have an error value of about 0.2~1cm, and the position of the cloth pattern cannot be exactly the same as the photo, please forgive me. 4. The manual production period is about 3~5 days, depending on the product specifications. If you can't wait for the subscript, you can ask if there is any stock. 5. Washing method is recommended to wash by hand, dry, not dry, can be used to dry, medium and low temperature. 6. Some thick cotton cloth has small black spots that are natural cotton seeds. 7. Because it is handmade, you can't return it! Only exchange goods with "瑕疵" can be accepted, and other products can be exchanged when the goods are sold out (if the price difference can be refunded), or a full refund. ※The so-called 污 is stain, damage, zipper or buckle can not be used, does not include color error, size error, etc., the reasons for which are noted in Note 1 and 2. 8. Please read the product description carefully before purchasing. If you have any questions, please ask first, thank you~


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