Birthstone of April 6mm White Ghost Crystal Wire Ring

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World Smells Different After It Rains
World Smells Different After It Rains
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Birthstone of April 6mm White Ghost Crystal Wire Ring

รายละเอียดสินค้า Although the white crystal is a product with a large output, because the Chinese like transparent crystal, the common white crystals are all like glass. The designer especially collected the white ghost, which is a crystal with more inclusions and crystals, crystal healing lines, and the scenery is very beautiful. It is also one of the designer's favorite crystals. White crystal with rose gold copper wire is a very cute match. There are also different effects with other colors. *Birthstone ring buy one get one free rule:* Every year*April 1st to April 30th*, you will get a buy one get one free purchase of the ring of the specified style of the April birthstone (white crystal / white ghost)! If you order a white crystal / white ghost copper wire ring, you will get a total of two white crystal / white ghost copper wire rings (you can choose different colors of copper wire and different ring sizes. Please refer to the remarks / private message column Bright) If you order a ring made of 14K gold-coated wire, the second one can choose a 14K gold-coated wire / sterling silver wire / copper wire ring (meaning that you can choose the same price as the body or a cheaper product, you can also order different ring sizes, please (Listed in Remarks / Private Message) If you order a ring made of 925 sterling silver wire, the second one can choose 925 sterling silver wire / copper wire ring (meaning that you can choose the same price or cheaper goods as the body, or you can order a different ring size, please refer to the remarks / private message Listed) ================= product name: 6mm white ghost crystal wire ring = Main Stone = One white crystal (white ghost) 6MM = Color = White, translucent, and inclusions. Natural textures, crystal healing lines, ice cracks, etc. = Metal Material = American art copper wire silver plated = Feet = The ring can not be adjusted, it needs the accurate ring of the guest to make it. Please fill in the ring in the remarks, or provide the ring in the message after placing the order. Do not provide ringing and do not ship. = How to measure the ring? = In YOUTUBE, search for "Ring measurement method ~ (quasi !!) ~" or "How to measure the size of finger ring measurement yourself" They are all wrapped with paper tape around 5-6 circles around the fingers. Then cut it in the middle and measure the length of the entire tape. Precautions: 1. Please double-check the degree of the ruler. Many guests easily read 1.7cm as 1.2cm. 2. Because there are too many customers reading the wrong value, please try to take a picture to confirm. 3. Unless you are very sure about your U.S. regulations or international regulations, please give me the values of diameter or circumference, do not convert them yourself. 4. ****Please do not estimate your ring size! Do n’t measure your ring size, and then estimate your ring size with another finger! Because in the end, it is very likely that both fingers are not suitable!**** 5. The finished ring will not be changed anymore, and it is very difficult for you to sell it to others. 6. If the ring is not suitable because the SIZE provided by the customer is not correct, it is not because of the production problem but because of the measurement error of the customer after confirmation. Three rings or more may be packed in a large box + small paper bag. If purchased together with other types of jewelry, it will be packed in a large box to reduce postage and paper. [Hong Kong] Free shipping on all stores. This shop uses Hongkong post service to send to all parts of Hong Kong. Products under HK $ 250 will be sent by regular mail, and it will take 2-4 working days to be delivered. If you want to send it by registered mail, you need to purchase it (link below) Goods of HK $ 250 or above will be sent in the form of SMARTPOST, which will take 1-2 working days. Please pay attention to the SMS messages sent by the post office. By the way, Smart Cabinet / SF Express: No shipping, only pay [Taiwan / Macau / Mainland China] Since SF Express does not accept crystal imports into Taiwan, our store can only be sent as an airmail package by Hongkong Post service. The method of sending to Taiwan is as follows: 1. Airmail registration (tracking code provided after delivery) <5-10 working days> The tracking code can be obtained. After the mail arrives in Taiwan, it can be checked on the China Post website (international). The fastest delivery will be 5 to 10 working days * The postman will send the document twice, if there is no one to sign it, it will be temporarily collected. * Because it is not a courier, the postman will not call to deliver the item, so it may miss the opportunity to receive the item Suggest to consider using company address to receive 2. EMS Speedpost <1-3 working days> If you need urgent items, our shop can arrange EMS express delivery (delivery time 1-3 working days), the cost is high, need to purchase. = Declaration = 1. There will be a certain degree of color difference between computer display screens and photos, and natural crystals will show string lights of different colors and different intensities under sunlight, fluorescent lights or tungsten lights. If you are particularly cautious, it is recommended to check with the designer's private message first. 2. Every piece of jewelry in this shop is handmade, and it must not be as perfect as mass production. Jewelry will definitely leave traces of handmade, perfectionists please avoid. = Maintenance method = If you want to keep the metal part shiny, please protect it carefully to avoid rapid oxidation. 1. If you have used skin care products / cosmetics / perfume before putting on the jewelry, try to put on the jewelry after drying; 2. Try not to get wet when wearing jewelry such as taking a shower or washing dishes Do not wear swimming, sea water or salt water will quickly oxidize metals; 3. Do not wear to sleep; 4. After taking off the jewelry, wipe off the sweat and stains with a dry cloth, and store it in the enclosed self-sealing tight bag, you can wipe it with silver cloth for maintenance; 5. Keep away from cosmetics / skin care products or volatile substances when placed, keep in a cool and dry place 6. Usually use a dry cloth to wipe the crystal surface. If you want to demagnetize the natural stone, you can put jewelry on the white crystal clusters or white crystal fragments. Or light sage, aura, etc., never use water. If guests support environmental protection, they can put forward requirements to reduce the use of paper or paper boxes ^^ Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong handmade


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The designer especially collected the white ghost, which is a crystal with more inclusions and crystals, crystal healing lines, and the scenery is very beautiful. It is also one of the designer's favorite crystals.


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