Cloth glasses short hair GIRL full-color silver onion hot stamping stickers heat transfer iron cloth stickers

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Hot stamping material for cloth sale special printing pocket DIY patchwork printing manufacturing


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Cloth glasses short hair GIRL full-color silver onion hot stamping stickers heat transfer iron cloth stickers


▼ Overall size H21 x W29cm product content 1. One hot stamping paste 2. A piece of baking paper 3. A manual ▼Applicable material Cloth. Paper. Wood. Heat-resistant plastic ▼ How to use [Iron heating] *Please press hard! This operation greatly affects the fastness Place it directly on the cloth product to be hot stamped, and put the baking paper Iron with an iron for about 150 degrees for 10-15 seconds. It can be pressed back and forth according to the size of the pattern. After cooling down, confirm whether the edge of the hot stamping sticker is firmly attached. If it is not close to the fabric, you can iron it for a few seconds. Make sure that the hot stamping sticker is firmly attached and the transparent film can be removed! * Note: A piece of cloth can be placed underneath when pressing, so that there is a little pressing space when pressing. * Note: Please confirm the temperature of the iron to avoid insufficient heat and the hot stamping paste is not strong enough. * Note: Some styles need to have a border along the picture, white or black are available, please choose according to your needs. * Note: This product has two types: [General cloth use] and [Water repellent cloth use] [General cloth use] Suitable for fabrics that have not been treated with water repellent, such as T-shirts, socks, hats and canvas bags. [For water-repellent cloth] Suitable for fabrics that have been treated with water-repellent water, such as windbreakers and water-repellent masks. ❗❗❗If you need a water-repellent cloth, please be sure to note it~ Otherwise, it will be made by default for general cloth ▼ Common Q&A Q: What if there is no iron? A: It can also be used if there is a straight clip at home, adjust the temperature to the required temperature, Press hard for 15 seconds in the same way as you clip your hair to complete it. Q: Can it be ironed on a cloth with good elasticity? A: No problem! The hot stamping sticker pack contains a kind of "bouncing" ingredient, It can be hot stamped on elastic fabrics, and it is not easy to crack when pulled. Q: Can it be touched or washed after ironing the cloth? A: Our ingredients are stickers specially developed for cloth. After ironing the cloth iron, It can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. Q: What should I do if I want to clean the dirt? A: You can use a toothbrush and soap to scrub gently. Q: What if you want to iron it on a fabric with a water repellent effect? A: If you need to iron on a fabric with a water-repellent layer, When shopping, you can buy the style of the waterproof cloth. ____________________________________________________________________________ Regarding invoice issuance and delivery: <Personal invoice> 1. The company has fully adopted electronic invoices. After customers purchase goods and complete the payment and the goods are shipped, they will be sent to you by ordinary mail after the 10-day appreciation period. 2. Personal invoices will be matched by computer based on the winning numbers of the uniform invoices announced by the Ministry of Finance on the 26th of each month (except for the invoices that have been requested/invalidated). If there is a winning, it will be notified by SMS, e-mail or by a special person. And the winning invoice will be sent to you by registered post. 3. According to the "Key Points for Implementation of Electronic Invoices", when personal electronic invoices are returned, you can agree on the Internet that Easyin will process electronic invoices and sales return certificates on your behalf to speed up the application for return refunds. <Corporate invoice> 1. After payment is confirmed, a paper invoice will be issued, and the invoice will be sent to the receiving address by ordinary mail after 10 days of appreciation period after you receive the goods. 2. Invoices of legal persons, a rebate order must be signed when returning the goods. Once the invoice is issued, it cannot be changed or exchanged. If you choose a triple invoice at checkout, you cannot change it to a double electronic invoice. If you choose a double electronic invoice when signing a contract, you cannot change to a triple invoice. If you have selected a vehicle or donated, you cannot request a paper copy. Please confirm when selecting that you should obtain a two-part electronic invoice (for personal consumption) or a three-part (for company reporting) invoices. Too-Easy has fulfilled its obligation to inform, and in order to cooperate with the IRS’s policy of persuading two copies to exchange for three copies, the company Have After considering various factors, the right refuses to exchange invoices.


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