Indian Moonstone-Emerald Gift-Cui-18K Gold Diamond Top Vitreous Blue Moonstone Double Ring

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Moonstone that lets girls exude gentle and charming charm Pure 18K gold true diamonds, with a total diamond weight of up to 0.13 carats, also suitable for marriage proposal and engagement rings. This is a customized product, please contact the designer after ordering



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Indian Moonstone-Emerald Gift-Cui-18K Gold Diamond Top Vitreous Blue Moonstone Double Ring

รายละเอียดสินค้า Bare stone size: 4mm moonstone egg noodle / diamond total weight about 0.13ct Material: India's top vitreous blue moonstone / pure 18K gold exclusive design inlay / natural South African diamond 18K solid gold (75% pure gold, non-surface gold-plated) Light gold primary color / rose gold / white gold tricolor optional << Commodity price is international ring # 12 (inner diameter 17mm) The following applies # 12Please contact the designer to confirm the price increase amount >> This product is "custom order". After payment, it takes 15 working days from the start of production to the delivery of the goods. (Excluding holidays) << About Moonstone >> There is a kind of spirit stone. The poems describe it as "the light is as pale as the autumn moon, who believes that the cold color comes out of the stone", some people guess that it is the true body of the millennium and the clan, and some even compare it with the ice-white jade. More than 100 years ago, it was graceful to attract the princes and nobles to stop and linger, and a hundred years later it was a big antique jewelry auction venue. It is a love stone and an eternal psychic medium that accumulates energy in the legend of the moon god. It is the moonstone. Moonstone, if you have never seen it and heard such a graceful and romantic name, you must not be able to imagine the right degree of this boudoir name. When the light shines on the gemstone, gently turn the gemstone to produce a faint lustrous luster on the surface. Thin and light like a cicada's wings are as shocking as heaven and earth! You won't understand it until now. Its name: Moonstone Moonstone, describes in the most appropriate way how the gem stays in the natural beauty of a moonlight. It is comparable to the ice-type jade and the beautiful cold water beauty who has competed with the Princess Shishi. In Indian legends, the sacred stone with the power of the moon comes from the sacred spirit of the Swiss Adal Mountains. It is also known as the "lover's stone". It is said that wearing moonstone can meet the most perfect lover on the night of the moon. It is considered to be the best gift for love. Grading by color: blue light-> color light-> white light Grading according to transparency: glass body-> high ice-> ice-> cream << About K Gold >> What is the difference between 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K? <Different from the content of gold> 24K refers to 99.95% gold content. 18K refers to the gold content of 75.00%. 14K refers to 58.50% of the gold content. 10K refers to 41.70% of the gold content. Why do you rarely see 24K pure gold rings on the market? Although jewelry with 24K gold has the highest gold content, the highest value, and the deepest color, it is relatively difficult to store because it is easier to scratch and wear and is deformed when worn compared to other contents, generally unless Jewels with very high unit prices will not use this level of gold. But pure gold jewelry is not worn by no one, usually pure gold jewelry will only be used in special festivals, for example, Chinese people are used to wearing gold accessories when they get married, but most people only wear only Then you will receive the safe once. 18K gold Compared with 14K and 10K, 18K has the highest gold content, and is generally used in high-end jewelry. Most international boutiques also use this grade of material. Although 18K gold is the highest price in it, it is relatively less prone to tarnishing, fading, no allergies, pure gold and sterling silver are softer, and inlaid gemstones are easy to drop, so generally higher-priced gemstone ores usually use 18K The gold setting is fixed. << About the gems and ores we use >> All the ore in the store is every one to two months, we personally fly back to Guangzhou's jade city (Guangzhou is the world's largest jade and ore processing / sales market) We will check the quality and give you a preferential price for direct delivery from the origin Support any gemstone appraisal center for verification, and can also send an appraisal center to issue an inspection certificate (fees not included) Please feel free to buy Purchase notice- 1. Customized products and modification of the ring are exclusively customized. Except for defects / shipping errors of the products themselves, no return or exchange service is provided. 2. The products of the design hall enjoy a one-month warranty period. The damages determined by the design hall as non-human factors can be repaired free of charge, and the human factors will be quoted separately. 3. It takes about 15 working days to order the goods, we will finish it as soon as possible!


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