3.5mm red garnet copper wire ring ring can be multicolor copper wire free choice female big love marriage beauty

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World smells different best selling works. Small red gems, a variety of color copper wire optional; tail ring can be.


World Smells Different After It Rains

World Smells Different After It Rains เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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3.5mm red garnet copper wire ring ring can be multicolor copper wire free choice female big love marriage beauty


Red garnet, a birthstone of January.

"Red is the most direct color to achieve aspiration, and it also stands for victory, any form of success. Garnet is classified as deep purple in gemology. The power of deep purple is the strongest and the highest in the spiritual hierarchy. In many systems, purple is the level of enlightenment and integration into the universe, endless love, rich joy, and superb energy of happiness."


This batch is very beautiful and clear wine red. It is as beautiful as ruby.

Specially made with small 3.5MM beads, this ring is very delicate and especially suitable for the end of the ring.
But of course you can wear different fingers. If you like to see the crystal landscape, you can read more than 6mm style.

The efficacy of red pomegranate is similar to that of red crystals and precious stones.
Corresponding to the bottom round, reproductive ability, endocrine, sense of security,. Some people feel that they feel nourished and pampered when they wear it.

It can enhance people's vitality, vitality and endurance. It also has "rejuvenation ability" and has the effect of beauty, beauty, and rejuvenation. Can give people full strength to complete various matters, and can strengthen individuals quickly.

= main stone =
Red Garnet 3.5MM One

= Color =
Red wine, semi-transparent. Mostly clear, there are a few days cotton wool icing.

= Metal material =

American art copper wire

Other copper colors can be selected:


3.5mm try drawing

Antique copper:

Original copper:




Rose Gold:


5.5mm round beads:

7mm ball:

Other ring styles:



The ring cannot be adjusted. It requires the accurate ringing of the guest to do it.
Please fill in the ring in the remarks, or provide information in the message after ordering.
Does not provide ringing or delivery.

= How to measure ringing?

[Guest with ring]

1. Prepare your own ring and ruler.

2. Draw the inner ring on the paper with a pen, and then measure the widest length (ie diameter),

3. Place the ruler on the diameter, take a picture in a top view, and attach the photo to the message. In this way, all the things I do for the guests are combined (unless the wrong values are read).

As shown below:

Please note that if there is no ready-made ring/surrounded by professional tools, we will no longer accept the use of a tape measure.
Because according to experience, even if it is pulled tightly, the tape gauge will be larger than the actual ring number 1-2, which is very inaccurate, and each person's measurement method is different, so we can introduce other methods, which will be much more accurate:

[no ring measurement method]

Search YOUTUBE for "Measurement Method of Ring Waiver~ (Precise!!)~" or "How to measure the size of your finger ring"
Use a piece of paper tape around your fingers for 5-6 turns and wrap it tightly. Then cut it in the middle and measure the length of the entire paper tape.

1. The pen should not be too thick, try to be young!

2. Please confirm the degree of the ruler again and again. Many guests easily read 1.7cm into 1.2cm.

3. Because too many guests read the wrong number, please try to take photos for me to confirm.

4. Unless you are very sure about your American rules or international circumcision, please give me the diameter or circumference, don't convert yourself.

5. ****Please don't estimate your abstention ring! Don't estimate your abstention ring, and then estimate that you wear another finger! Because in the end it is very likely that both fingers are not suitable!****

6. The rings you make will not be changed anymore, and it is very difficult for you to sell them to others.

7. If the ring is not appropriate because the SIZE provided by the guest is incorrect, it will not be refunded because it was determined after the confirmation but not because of the customer's measurement error.


If there is no special request, the ring will be packaged in a small ring box.




Three rings or more may be packed in large boxes + small paper bags.
If purchased together with other types of accessories, large boxes will be used together to reduce postage and paper.


= Declaration =

1. There will be a certain degree of color difference between the computer display screen and the photo, and the natural crystal will show different colors and different intensity of string light under the sunlight, fluorescent light or tungsten light.
If you are particularly cautious, you are advised to consult the designer private news first.

2. Every accessory in our shop is made by hand. It must not be as perfect as mass production. Jewelry will leave handmade traces, perfectionists please avoid.


= Maintenance method =

If you want to keep the metal part shining, care should be taken to avoid rapid oxidation.

1. If you have used skincare/cosmetics/perfume before wearing jewelry, try to wear the jewelry after it has dried;

2. When wearing jewelry, try not to touch water, such as bathing, washing dishes, and wipe the water with a dry cloth.
Do not wear swimming, seawater or salt water will make the metal extremely fast;

3. Do not wear sleep;

4. After removing the jewelry, wipe the sweat and stain with a dry cloth, and put it in the enclosed self-seal bag. It can be wiped and wiped with silver cloth;

5. Keep away from cosmetics/skincare or volatile substances when placed, and put it in a cool dry place

6. You can usually wipe the crystal surface with a dry cloth. Want to degauss the natural stone, you can put jewelry on white crystal clusters or white crystal fragments. Or light sage, Reiki and other methods, do not use water.


If customers support environmental protection, they can request to reduce the use of paper or carton ^^

Origin / manufacturing methods
Hong Kong handmade


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