Natural Unburned Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring Bare Stone with International Certificate 18k Gold Diamonds

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Natural unburned pigeon blood red ruby, originating from Mozambique. The center stone weighs 1.07 carats, 16 diamonds, 18k gold.



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Natural Unburned Pigeon Blood Ruby Ring Bare Stone with International Certificate 18k Gold Diamonds

รายละเอียดสินค้า Size description- Bare stone size: 1.07 carats, 16 diamonds Origin: Mozambique Ring size: customized ring size Net weight: 2.6 g Material Description- Natural unburned pigeon blood ruby, 18k gold with diamonds Ruby Introduction- The mineral name of ruby is corundum. Rubies come in a variety of reds, from pink, fuchsia to maroon, depending on the chromium and iron content. Because crystals often have twins, they are prone to cracking, but they are actually very tough, second only to diamonds in hardness. The crystal body of ruby contains two elements of chromium (Cr) and iron (Fe). There are many chromium components, and the red color is particularly bright. Due to the different proportions, many different red colors can be produced. The ruby is a "pigeon red" produced in Myanmar, also known as "Burmese ruby". It is bright red, that is, pure red, and the red of the sub-grade color is purple, and the lower quality color is red. The orange color is medium, the worse the quality is, the more iron content is, the red color is purple, the color is not bright enough, but its flaws are less, and the degree is strong; the relatively chromium-rich ruby has bright color The quality is beautiful, the colors are pure, but the flaws are more fragile. Mozambique-emerging gem-producing region Mozambique rubies mostly show a strong and pure bright red, with few orange, pink and purple hues. The right chemical composition and the appropriate proportion of fluorescent components give Mozambican rubies a shiny and vivid red appearance and the clarity of the top Burmese gems. Mozambique's rubies are different like Burmese rubies. Natural gemstones are accompanied by cracks and require heat treatment. Most of the rubies produced here are natural glass bodies, which require extremely high purity without heating. Product contains- Ring body, ring box ■ Shipping Instructions Nellie's products are shipped from Nepal, but in order to save the international shipping costs, if your delivery address is in an Asian country, we will organize the order once a week, send the product to the Taiwan studio, and then work colleagues in Taiwan Ship the goods to you. * If you are a buyer from China / Taiwan, please fill in your receipt information in Chinese (Taiwan please provide postal code 3 + 2) to avoid delay in delivery due to language translation.


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