Men's belt belt leather belt Italian leather embossed 34mm girlfriend gift customization

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Be Two Leather Workshop
Be Two Leather Workshop
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Men's belt belt leather belt Italian leather embossed 34mm girlfriend gift customization

รายละเอียดสินค้า **[ feature of product]** ● Carefully selected Italian vegetable tanned cowhide to make handmade belts, designed and manufactured for Taiwan, and with a single-layer first-layer cowhide belt. The combination of metallic luster and thick cowhide is more textured, resistant to pulling, and can gradually conform to the body shape with use. The more you use it, the more comfortable it is, and the more you use it, the more it has a leather fragrance. ● The surface layer of vegetable tanned leather absorbs the oil from the hands and gradually becomes shiny and shiny. The leather discoloration process is very intriguing, and it adds a personal style to ensure extremely durable and tasteful as you use it! ● Thick single-layer vegetable-tanned leather cowhide, the skin is thick and solid, only when you cut it, you can know the inside, really don’t cheat ● The entire embossed design presents a unique black cross embossed texture! ● It can be matched with four kinds of belt heads (please refer to the models from A to D in the photo). You can choose any combination. After subscripting, please note your preferred combination. ● Including kraft carton packaging, very decent for personal use as gifts. **[ Product Size]** ● The width of the belt is 34 mm, and the thickness is about 3.4 mm (pay attention to hand-made and measurement errors). ● The handmade belt has six oval holes, the hole spacing is about 2.5 cm, which can be adjusted by yourself to fit your own waist circumference. **[How to choose the right size]** __★ Please do not directly look at the waist size marked on the pants (because each manufacturer makes different sizes), it will cause misjudgment ★__ Method 1: Take a measuring tape to measure the waist circumference at the position of the belt Method 2: Measure the total length of commonly used belts Method 3: Take the trousers you usually wear, measure the belt position of the trousers with a ruler, do not wear the trousers how many waists (the size of each trouser is not uniform) ★ Note: The designer will leave some extra length, allowing consumers to directly tie it and confirm the length, and can tailor the waist to fit their own. Just turn the fixing screws by hand, cut off the excess length, and use scissors or sharp Just dig a hole in the appliance and lock the screw. **[Customized imprinting]** __**Customized service, please leave a message in the remarks after placing an order; due to mechanical equipment, the designer will complete customized hot stamping or embossing before shipping.**__ ● Bronzing service +100 yuan The designer uses the antique Kingsley Machine hot stamping machine in the 1950s, and uses the unique Kingsley original font branding (in order to maintain the overall beauty of the product, it is recommended to limit the number of English letters to less than 15 words) Hot stamping effect on the__(Due to the leather fiber, the hot stamping effect will not be smooth and complete, please confirm whether you accept it again for perfectionists)__ ★ Customized reminder: The front leather top layer has been embossed. It is not recommended to use manual letter stamping and hot stamping for this belt, as it will cause poor results. If you trouble consumers, please forgive me. **[Usage and maintenance method]** ● How to use, measure the cutting length, open the hand turn buckle, cut with a utility knife, put the cut belt underneath, punch holes in the relative position, and then turn back to the hand turn buckle, that is, a belt with a suitable length. ● Taking it out often is the best way to maintain it! Hand oil can be maintained, or regularly apply leather care oil ● Please pay attention to moisture-proof and waterproof during the use of leather products. If you accidentally get wet, please use a dry cotton cloth to dry it, and then place it in a cool place to dry, and do not expose it to the sun. ● If the leather is moldy, wipe it with a dry cotton cloth, place it in a ventilated place, and wipe it with leather care oil. **[Add purchase discount]** 45 yuan plus purchase goods (original price 99 yuan)-earphone cord storage leather hub cable reel (priority shipment based on stock) 85 yuan plus purchase goods (original price 199 yuan)-leather-shaped hub 3C coiled earphone storage (priority shipment based on stock) 95 yuan plus purchase of goods (original price 159 yuan)-Italian planted leather key ring can be customized and pressed (priority shipment based on spot) 115 yuan plus purchase goods (original price 199 yuan)-Italian planted leather key ring genuine leather letter jewelry (optional) 210 yuan plus purchase product (original price 350 yuan)-Japan COLUMBUS MINK OIL leather care mink oil (45g) 225 yuan plus purchase of goods (original price 499 yuan)-leather luggage tag leisure card travel identification card **[Designer and brand profile]** "Be Two Leather Workshop" is located in Taichung-Audit Village. It carefully selects natural leather hands as a thought, and uses original design handmade bags to create cultural and creative products with a feel and temperature. Through stitching and sewing by hand, we hope to convey a kind of original product. The warmth, happiness and sense of belonging make users moved. **[ Precautions]** ● has provided the waist size, waist size depending on the designer will make your offer But if the size of the production was customized merchandise and found the belt length is too short can not return, then please__correct__amount of the waist size . ●__leather refers to natural leather, which is processed from animal skins. Natural leather has a strong fur taste. Even after treatment, the taste is more obvious, which is different from the plastic taste of imitation artificial leather. Natural leather will have a very natural cowhide fragrance. If you can’t accept this taste, please order again if you don’t mind.__ ● The leather itself will form some scars/growth patterns/worm spots/wrinkles/color spots/textures due to animal growth during the process of animal growth. It is a normal natural phenomenon. Each piece is also a unique natural mark. Please subscribe if you can accept it. . ● There is no post-production photo of the product, but it may vary from screen to screen, and it is normal that each batch of leather will have a slight color difference. If there is a color difference, the actual product shall prevail. If you don't mind, please order again. ● Custom products cannot be returned or exchanged, including custom-made hot stamping, embossed letters, etc. according to the size of the consumer's waist circumference. ● There will be residual glue at the end of hand-sewn, so please order again if you don’t mind. **[Origin/manufacturing method]** Taiwan-made hand-sewn Be Two exclusive design designer produced


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●Strictly selected Italian vegetable-tanned cowhide to make handmade belts, designed and manufactured for Taiwan ●The unique embossing design with exquisite craftsmanship creates a classic gentleman style ●Single-layer first-layer cowhide belt, resistant to pulling and excellent durability ●Customizable tailored to your waist circumference


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