Cabin bottle / water grass series / foxtail algae water grass transparent no decoration series

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The laboratory bottle not only makes it easier for modern people to take care of plants, but also makes it easier for beginners who plant plants to observe the growth process of plants. It is not only suitable for self-observation, but also can be customiz



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Cabin bottle / water grass series / foxtail algae water grass transparent no decoration series

รายละเอียดสินค้า Product description: Eat plantlets grown in jelly Cell culture is a kind of seedling technology under "tissue culture" Through the long-term development of the researchers, the candidate plants are formulated with exclusive formula culture jelly suitable for plant growth. Sterile plant bottles made in a sterile operating environment established in a professional laboratory *The advantages of bottle planting: Let everyone care about plants, no need to worry about daily watering, or find the right fertilizer It is only necessary for the user to place the bottled product in a properly lit environment, and the plants in the bottle can pass through the nutrition provided by the jelly in the bottle. Healthy growth in the bottle, even flowering * Are the living plants in the bottles? Plants in the chamber are live and viable, but living plants are not immortal, so please understand before buying. The plants in the bottle will one day end up with wilting or death, and the appearance and shape of different plants will be different, so there is no guarantee that the plants will grow into what type. This is also an interesting part of the bottled plant, as the result of the growth may vary from plant to plant. *Product warranty Each bottle is added to the official LINE after purchase, there will be 180 days of bottled warranty, the warranty content is targeted The jelly in the bottle is moldy, or the plant naturally dies during the warranty period at the recommended temperature and environment. If you encounter the above situation, you can contact our LINE customer service staff to replace or reproduce the product. Since plants are living objects, we will not be able to provide free replacement services if we have more than 180 days of warranty after purchase. At that time, we will suggest that you can re-create the way to supplement the jelly and plants. The re-made products will extend the warranty period by 60 days. Or you can transplant the plants directly from the bottle for planting, or you can clean the remaining jelly and plants in the bottle, keep the empty bottles and continue to use them. *plant species At present, the plant types developed in the laboratory bottle are: Carnivorous plant series, mini orchid series, aquatic plants series, succulent series Choose from more than 10 different styles of plants. * Bottle use Bottle planting not only makes it easier for modern people to take care of plants, but also makes it easier for beginners who plant plants to observe the growth process of plants. It is not only suitable for your own observation and care, but also can create unique styling bottles through customized services, as an innovative gift with life temperature. It is the most diverse plant gift on the market, and it can also bring more different planting experiences to people. ———————————————————————————————————— Aquatic bottle series C: Plant in bottle: aquatic plant: foxtail Bottle size: industrial wind bottle: industrial wind No. 3 bottle Bottle cover: aluminum cover Jelly color: transparent + sterile water: jelly nutrients can be provided for 6-8 months from the date of manufacture Decorative shape: no ———————————————————————————————————— *Precautions for bottled goods* (important must see) 1. Do not open the cap / thermoplastic film and puncture the breathable membrane 2. Do not shake vigorously to avoid destroying the jelly jelly 3. After purchasing the product, remember to place the bottle in a lighted environment to avoid the plant being short due to lack of light. 4. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or high-temperature light, and provide at least 6-8 hours of indoor lighting per day. 5. The plants in the bottle are living plants. The growth of each bottle is not the same. If the plants are not growing as expected, they cannot be exchanged. 6. The water vapor in the bottle is caused by the temperature difference between the inside and the outside. It can be placed in an indoor environment where the temperature difference does not change much. After a few days, the water vapor will gradually disappear. For other care related issues, please go to the small bottle bottle official LINE @easyplant ———————————————————————————————————— * Follow-up bottling and bottle-removing services for bottled products The jelly in the chamber bottle provides the nutrients and water needed for plant growth, which is gradually absorbed as the plant grows, so after about 6 months, You can contact the small room bottled customer service to change the bottle of the plant ramets or add the jelly to maintain the nutrients that the plant continues to grow according to the condition of the plant growth in the bottle. ———————————————————————————————————— *Send instructions *This item cannot be used in store-to-store delivery service: The medium in the bottle is jelly, because it is very fragile and fragile in texture, so be careful when transporting. In order to avoid the collision and shaking of the bottle in the transportation to cause the jelly to break, the small room bottle can only use the black cat house emergency VIP delivery method, the basic shipping cost is 120 yuan (the volume is below 60, more than 60 will be charged 150 yuan shipping) It is not 100% guaranteed that the bottle will be damaged due to the unnoticed delivery personnel during the transportation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you can pick up the goods at the store or in person. For some bottles with more complicated shapes, please be sure to pick up the goods by face-to-face. Please contact the small series before placing the order and then place an order. Thank you. Please check the jelly in the bottle as soon as possible after receiving the goods. If there is any problem, please let the small bottle know within three days after receiving the goods. We will ask you about other suitable delivery methods as soon as possible. .


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