Peridot & Diamond K18 Ring Round Cut ~Ello Lily~ [Made-to-Order]

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Peridot & Diamond K18 Ring Round Cut ~Ello Lily~ [Made-to-Order]


This product is [made to order]. It will take about one and a half months from payment confirmation to delivery. ========================== *Changes and cancellations after ordering cannot be accepted. Please note. ========================== A K18 ring with a round cut peridot and four melee diamonds. Peridot, which has an impressive olive green glow, is a popular Gemstone that is also called the " Stone of the sun" and is the birthstone for August. We pay close attention to detail so that the Stone play a leading role and you can enjoy the beautiful sparkle of the brightly colored stones. Please enjoy various coordination such as stacking rings or matching with Ello series necklaces. The ring name "Lily" is derived from the lily flower lover. The flower lover is "pure" and "refined beauty". It comes from the name of the designer who imagined the person who wears it and made it. ~O'Ello~ Jewelry from the "Ello" series that uses high quality Gemstone based on the concept of "the key to opening the door to your true self and heart". ■ Stone [Quantity] ・Peridot x 1 Stone ・Diamond x 4 Stone(equivalent to VS class) 【size】 ・Peridot: Approximately 4 mm in diameter x 1 Stone ・Diamond: about 1.6mm in diameter x 2 Stone, about 1.3mm in diameter x 2 Stone 【carat】 ・Peridot: Approx. 0.28ct x 1 Stone ・Diamonds: Total 0.056ct ■ Ring [Arm size] Width about 1.4mm x thickness about 0.7mm [motif size] Length about 4.7mm x Width about 4.8mm x Height about 3mm [Weight] about 1.117g <Peridot> Stone words: couple's love, happiness, harmony, hope The Japanese name is Kanran Stone, Mohs hardness 6.5-7.0. There are various theories about the origin of the name Peridot, but the most popular theory is that it comes from the Arabic word "faridat", which means "Gemstone". Peridot, the birthstone for August, is known as the "Stone of the Sun" and has been believed to banish negative emotions and worries from within and make you feel bright and positive. In addition, peridot is a Gemstone that shines like the sun, so it is said to ward off evil and ward off evil, and in ancient Europe, soldiers used it as a talisman to protect themselves from enemies. It is said that he wore it to In Japan, it is considered a Gemstone for the second wedding anniversary, and some people give peridot jewelry on their anniversary. *Because natural stones are used, there may be inclusions (cracks and inclusions) unique to Stone, and the shape may be slightly different. We select Stone as much as possible, but we hope you will enjoy them as a natural charm. I try to take pictures as close as possible to how they look, but the color of the Stone may change depending on the screen of your smartphone or computer. Please be aware of this before purchasing. ■ To customers who are considering purchasing products * All items are wrapped with a mount and a product warranty is included free of charge * <About paid wrapping> We also offer gift wrapping for presents. If you would like paid wrapping, please purchase from the following along with your order. <Normal gift wrapping> <Gift wrapping with jewelry case> <Jewelry case (with RASPIA logo)>


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K18 ring using peridot with beautiful olive green. In ancient Egypt, peridot was revered as the "Stone of the sun". We carefully select and purchase beautiful loose grains one by one in terms of color, quality of cut/polishing, transparency, etc.


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