Finger Lace‧Beaded Ring (Gold)

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**:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: Before buying, please read the following information and design museum trading policy in detail: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::** **‧ Size measurement method ‧** ※ Please do not directly choose the ring number, finger circumference centimeter and inner diameter centimeter of the ring marked by the old ring or other brand. There are many versions of ring circumference specifications, and the data are also different. It is also trouble to actually re-measure to ensure the selected size Suitable for. __**Finger circumference measurement method:**__ 1. Measure the common score with the finger of the measuring tape to be worn. If there is no measuring tape, use paper to cut a paper strip with a width of about 1.5cm. After measuring, measure the length with a measuring tape. 2. Do not use wire or rope to measure, because its material is thin and soft, it is easy to measure a size smaller than the actual one when measuring. 3. When measuring, start measuring at the starting point of 0 centimeters, and simply measure it flatly, without pulling the tape or paper strip too tight or too loose. 4. Since the shape of each person's fingers is different, the size of the knuckles needs to be considered when measuring to avoid the problem of incompatibility of the finger circumference. After measuring the finger circumference, you can hold the tape or move it up and down to see if it is too tight. Or drop your hand naturally to see if it falls too loose. __**Inner diameter measurement method of ring:**__ 1. Select the existing ring on hand and place it on a ruler to measure the inner diameter of the ring. 2. It is only necessary to measure the hole diameter of the ring, not including the thickness of the ring periphery. 3. Please choose a ring of suitable size for measurement, and it will not be too large or squeeze the meat, so as to avoid inaccurate measurement results. 4. Please select a ring with a suitable shape for measurement. The more round the ring, the more accurate the measured size. 5. Measure the inner diameter of the ring in cm, the data will be more accurate. ※ You can compare the following size combinations according to the measured diameter of the finger circumference and the inner diameter of the ring circumference to see if the data are consistent, and choose the most suitable size for yourself. **‧Precautions before ordering‧** 1. The products are customized after receiving the order, and customized according to the size provided by the buyer. Please read the size measurement method carefully before ordering, and carefully confirm that the size you choose is correct, and there is no return service. 2. How much of the beaded goods will be wired or knotted at the end of the product, can be accepted under the order! 3. For urgent and gift products, please read the working days of ordering and sending the goods before placing the order, or communicate with the designer before placing the order. Please do not inform after placing an order to avoid immediate shipment. 4. The product pictures will be slightly different depending on the shooting light or the screen resolution. You can accept the order below! 5. In order to avoid the collision of the goods during the transportation process, the goods will be wrapped with multiple layers of anti-collision bubble paper. If you are an environmental advocate, you can remark "simple packaging" in the order, and try to ship in the smallest package. However, some environmentally friendly packaging materials are still used. Please understand that we hope that the products will be intact when delivered to customers. 6. If you have other questions, you can also press "Contact Designer" on the right hand side to inquire about various questions about the products, and we will reply you as soon as possible! **‧ Material ‧** Japanese beads **‧ Maintenance method ‧** ‧ Japanese bead products will be worn differently (ex: acid and salt of sweat, secreted body fat, hot and humid environment) and chemical substances (ex: hand cream, cosmetics, skin care products, sunscreen, perfume, cleaning Agent), etc., and produce oxidation status. It is necessary to avoid wearing and prolonged contact with the above chemical substances during bathing, sports, and hot springs, so as to avoid excessive wear and tear that cannot be restored. The degree of jewelry oxidation depends on the wearer's usual habits. If it is properly maintained, the jewelry will remain shiny for a relatively long time. It is not used to take off the jewelry and take a shower, no daily cleaning and maintenance of the jewelry or contact Chemical products will accelerate the oxidation rate of jewelry, and the oxidation time varies from person to person. It is necessary to avoid the oxidation of jewelry before cleaning and maintenance. ‧ It is recommended to prepare multiple pieces of jewelry, which can be matched with different pieces of clothing according to different dressings, and can also prolong the life of the jewelry. It is not like wearing an amulet. Do not remove or clean the jewelry during bathing.


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Lovely beaded ring, the arrangement of the beads is like a lace flower cloth, sweet and elegant. :: Beaded ring is inelastic, it can't slide into your hand quickly, you have to put it in your finger slowly!


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