CHAHAT Khadi Gandhi knit scarf shawl _ light gray red white triangle

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CHAHAT Khadi Gandhi scarf shawl


omake taiwan

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CHAHAT Khadi Gandhi knit scarf shawl _ light gray red white triangle


/ Product description and story / Crossed yarn is a traditional weaving method originally from India And this weaving method is to use the traditional wooden loom with small volume This loom has a round rotating disk like a windmill Turn the turntable in one hand and hook the line sand in the other, The weaver must sit cross-legged and use his hands In ancient times, India could weave at home And the fabric that comes out like this is interwoven one by one Although it is not flat and neat, but there is an uneven texture of cotton yarn It cannot be replaced by the neat operation of the machine And this kind of weaving method that can be carried out in Indian homes Nowadays, weaving like this in India is also getting less and less Japanese brand chahat is based on the texture of this fabric I also hope to continue this simple fabric I specially made these beautiful fabrics with a few local people who know how to weave - ▲Khadi Gandhi Weaving Story Founding Father of India [Gandhi Lead the name of the origin of the woven fabric, so it is called Gandhi Weaving! Gandhi used his own hands to spin and weave the soil cloth. He advocated boycotting European machine-made clothes, Because mechanized manufacturing has left too many Indians unemployed, The spinning car is handmade so that Indians can also make their own Khadi cloth! *How much color difference there will be in each one, you can accept to buy again! / Size/ Length 180 Width 105cm / Material/ 100% cotton / Use and maintenance methods / General cleaning and drying / Designer and brand profile / ▲Omake▲ We love traveling and discovering cultures around the world Then draw inspiration from this, through second-hand reproduction, stitching design Create unique products. We also attach importance to materials and hope to use environmentally friendly methods Does not cause a new burden on the earth, such as . Cannabis and stems: they don't need too much water to grow, but they can also make strong and durable things. . Organic cotton: Naturally produced to reduce the damage caused by chemical cotton to the earth, while also protecting the health of farmers. . Ethnic embroidery: Through Remake ethnic minority embroidery, we hope to continue the world heritage of humanity. . Natural dyes: The use of plant-based dyes, in addition to reducing harm to the human body, can promote traditional aesthetic wisdom. Omake means a small gift in Japanese We hope to bring a little surprise to the world through culture and design (O+Make)=We have followed the world to develop interesting cross-cultural products. Origin / manufacturing methods India/Handmade


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