Clouds in the sky│925 sterling silver creative imagination ring

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JeDis Accessory
JeDis Accessory
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Clouds in the sky│925 sterling silver creative imagination ring - แหวนทั่วไป - เงินแท้ สีเงิน


**︱product quality︱** 925 sterling silver **︱Product Description︱** Top thickness 0.6 cm **︱related products︱** Exaggerated roses The shackles in the heart Hand-made streamline ● We have indeed implemented "anti-epidemic measures" in the process of design, production, packaging and shipment, so please feel free to purchase. **|Commodity Delivery|** ▲Taiwan The post office takes about 1-2 days. It takes about 2-3 days for the supermarket to pick up the goods. ▲Hong Kong and Macau Use [Post Office Small Packet] to send it, and it will be delivered in about 2-3 days. ▲Non-Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau regions Use the post office to send by air parcel, about 10-14 working days after it is sent. **︱Purchase Notes︱** -Photos are all real products, due to computer color, shooting light, and inevitably there will be color differences. The products are mainly real products. **︱measurement method︱** Bracelet/Bracelet: -Use the cloth ruler to wrap around the thinnest part of the wrist is the hand circumference, you don’t need to strain or relax it. -Everyone's hand frame is different. If the palm is thicker and the wrist is thin, then the elastic cord bracelet will be looser. When adjusting the size, try to adjust the size according to the bracelet design as much as possible. -Elastic bracelet (+1-1.5cm) and buckle bracelet (+1.5-2cm) will be slightly different in size. ring: -Use a thin line to make a circle, and then lay it flat on a ruler to measure the size of the finger circumference. **︱Silver jewelry maintenance︱** -This store uses pure silver and natural minerals. You can wear it for bathing, but do not touch the sulfur hot springs. -It is recommended to put the jewelry back in a sealed bag or package after cleaning to reduce oxidation caused by contact with air. -Avoid contact with sulfur (hot springs), perfumes, lotions, fruit juices, vinegar, bleach, and reduce erosion and severe oxidation. -Wipe and clean with a Silver cloth, which can remove surface oxides and grease, restore the original luster, and daily wear is also a way of maintenance one. **︱Natural stone & crystal ︱** -Natural stones will have more or less ice cracks, unobvious lack of minerals, slightly different bead sizes, etc. -Crystals need to be purified/demagnetized. The easiest way is to expose them to sunlight. Moonlight represents femininity and is also a relatively flexible light. Generally crystals are more suitable for light. The following links explain the various purification methods in detail. **︱package instruction︱** -We adhere to the principle of environmental protection and do not use excessive packaging. In addition to the basic packaging, each piece of jewelry will be attached with a Silver cloth/sealed bag for storage. **︱Place of Origin︱** -Origin/manufacturing method Made in Taiwan / Handmade **"Brand Concept"** In 2019, he founded the Je Dis Accessory brand with the Chinese name "我说•飾" Je Dis is a French sentence "I say..." Two simple words have a firm meaning. The same accessory is unique when worn on different people. It is up to you to decide what is the definition of "beauty" **"About Je Dis Accessory"** Both natural stone and crystal have unique energy and charm. Each one is a value. Adhere to the concept of hand-made, create different inspirational elements, inject them into the design details of jewelry, so that each piece can have a unique I hope that this natural beauty will accompany you at every stage.


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::: The design concept is very simple, it comes from the clouds in the sky, it feels relaxed and happy:::


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