[Handmade custom silver jewelry] Palm star | Sterling silver Stone handmade sterling silver ring tail ring |

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[Handmade custom silver jewelry] Palm star | Sterling silver Stone handmade sterling silver ring tail ring | - แหวนทั่วไป - เงินแท้ หลากหลายสี


【Material】925 sterling silver/ Stone [Stone] Champagne, girlish pink, noble red, sparkling white, olive green, dark purple at night, light purple lilac, The sky is light blue, the ocean is dark blue 【Jie Wai】International Wai#4~#13 (Please refer to the order process and ring circumference comparison table below) ▲Please leave a message to buy the ring ▲ [Commodities have after-sales service] If you come to Tainan, you can bring the goods to the store, let us serve you **The pictures in this museum are all real products, but due to the different settings of each computer monitor, so that the photos are somewhat different from the real ones, the colors of the products are subject to the real products.** ★ 925 sterling silver is not prone to allergies and can be worn in the bath. Generally, the oxidation speed of 925 sterling silver varies depending on the body type (acid and alkali). After the silver jewelry becomes black after oxidation, it can be cleaned with toothpaste/ Silver washing water/ Silver cloth to restore the silvery white color. Easy to maintain. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- ★Measurement method: Take a thin thread (thread for sewing clothes, etc.) around the position you want to wear **Just stick it flat**, then straighten the thin line and measure the line a few centimeters with a ruler. **(The measurement result does not need to be increased or decreased by itself, the amount is just right)** **order process** 1. Measure ring circumference https://media-01.creema.net/user/1499747/exhibits/8606255/6_86b5dd8b71079febf1e5c0656d9f9604_583x585.jpg 2. Stone color https://media-01.creema.net/user/1499747/exhibits/7608640/8_53f1c18bff1169ba1d295c4c9c2420c7_583x585.jpg 3.**If you need K gold, you must place another order for electroplating fee↓↓↓** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50708741157_a6b81d9511_k.jpg One order quantity is one, two orders quantity is 2, and so on https://www.pinkoi.com/product/9DiQWN3W White: perfection, purity, alleviating calamity, and protecting the body Champagne: warm, mature, lively, show off Pink: romantic, loving, smart, feminine, popular, peach blossom, happiness, attracting the opposite sex Red: vitality, self-confidence, good fortune, avoiding evil, seeking peach blossoms, marriage, family harmony, blocking good luck, recruiting people Olive green: healthy, young and peaceful Purple: power, wisdom, creativity, improvement of interpersonal relations, good popularity, peach blossom relationship, inviting blessings, recruiting noble people, stable personality Blue: truth, hope, health, rich imagination -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- **Electroplating 18K gold maintenance method↓↓↓** 1. We use a layer of 18K gold plating on the outer layer of pure silver to keep it bright and not afraid of oxidation and discoloration. 2. It is recommended to clean it with detergent for general maintenance. Please seal it with a zipper bag when it is not worn. The K-gold color will always be maintained during maintenance. 3. Take off the ring when taking a bath to make the electroplating color last longer. 4. It can touch water or sea water, but try to avoid touching chemicals such as perfumes and alkaline cleaners. 5. The outer layer of the ring will return to pure silver after wearing it for a long time. You can decide whether to re-plating K gold. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- **Maintenance** • When accessories are not worn, please clean them and put them in a sealed bag or box • Do not wear Silver to soak in hot springs to avoid blackening **How to use maintenance small objects** Home maintenance tips ★Soft toothbrush + toothpaste 1. Dip some toothpaste and water 2. Gently brush the silver jewelry and rinse it off 3. Dry the jewelry or use a hair dryer 4. It can be used with Silver polishing cloth to restore luster to silver ornaments ★ Silver wiping cloth For the maintenance of jewelry on weekdays, wipe the metal surface ★ Silver washing water 1. Put the silver jewelry into the Silver washing water and soak for 3 to 5 seconds 2. Take out the jewelry from the Silver washing water and rinse with plenty of water 3. Dry the jewelry or use a hair dryer 4. It can be used with Silver polishing cloth to make silver jewelry regain luster **Do not immerse the vintage black jewelry in the Silver washing water, otherwise it will turn into the original silver!** **Origin/manufacturing method** **Made in Taiwan handmade**


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Meticulous and prestigious ~ Mini prong set sterling silver diamonds, worn on the hand to show the seemingly absent beauty💍


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