[OMORY] #304 Stainless Steel exploration straw cup 890ml+600ml (with straw)

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[OMORY] #304 Stainless Steel exploration straw cup 890ml+600ml (with straw)


Product name: [OMORY] #304 Stainless Steel discovery straw cup 890ml+600ml (with straw) Material: main body/inner 304 Stainless Steel, cup lid/food PP+ Silicone ring Size: (890ML) length 24x width 8.7cm±5%/ straw 26.5x0.9cm±5% (600ML) length 19x width 8.7cm±5%/ straw 21.5x0.9cm±5% Color: white/black/green Quantity: 1 in Weight: 890ML/350g±5% 600ML/300g±5% made in China Reminder: ●The thick straw cannot be used. The diameter of the straw must be less than 0.9cm before it can be used. ●Please note that this cup lid is not completely sealed and leak-proof. Precautions: ● [Commodity dimensions are measured by humans, if there is any error, please refer to the actual product. 】 ● [The products are all uploaded in kind. Due to the different shooting angles or the degree of color rendering on the screen, if there is color difference and size parallax, please refer to the actual product. 】 ● [Commodities are clearly marked with a schematic diagram of product size, inner diameter and capacity. Please, please confirm whether it meets your needs before purchasing, so as not to cause inconvenience to both parties and waste of human resources (freight and packaging) after purchase. Thank you !】 ***Product Notes*** Precautions 1. Do not use it for purposes other than heat preservation (cold preservation). 2. When the water is filled with hot water, please place the product out of the reach of children to avoid burns. 3. When there is hot water, please drink carefully to avoid burns. 4. Do not place the product near the heater, gas stove, etc., to avoid mixing, deformation and discoloration. 5. It is best to have a distance of 1cm between the amount of water added and the inner cap, so as to avoid scalding caused by exposed hot water when the cap is tightened after overfilling. 6. Do not put the entire cork into large water to avoid deformation or water leakage. 7. After cleaning the inner plug, please confirm whether the silicone ring is installed correctly. Incorrect installation may cause water leakage. 8. Do not use sand powder, steel wire ball and other harmful cleaning products to clean the surface of this product from scratches, rust and corrosion. 9. Please avoid the product falling down or hitting hard objects, so as not to bump the surface and cause no heat preservation. 10. Do not pack the following drinks: Dry ice carbonated drinks (to avoid the bottle stopper being difficult to open due to the rising of the internal gas, and the danger of ejecting foreign bodies) All soups with high salt content and high acidity may corrode the surface and cause rust Milk and dairy juices will deteriorate if left for too long. 11. Do not use the dishwasher to clean this product. Instructions *In order to achieve the best heat preservation effect, add a small amount of hot water to preheat the inner tank for at least one minute before using it. Pour out the water before putting it in hot drinks for drinking. cleaning method *Please use a soft cloth or soft sponge dampened with a neutral detergent to clean it *The product must be thoroughly cleaned before and after each use Maintenance ●When not in use for a long time, the inner tank should be fully dried. ●In order to prevent the generation of peculiar smell or stains, please clean and dry it thoroughly after use. ●Because the use of impure water will leave red spots similar to rust, you can use warm water and diluted acetic acid to soak for 30 minutes to fully clean it.


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●Wide mouth design, can put ice cubes. ●The inner tank is made of 304 Stainless Steel, which is sturdy and durable. ●The light portable belt is suitable for placing the beverage cup holder on the car. ●Vacuum double-layer design, suitable for long-term heat preservation and ice preservation for both cold and hot. ●The cup body is designed in one piece, which will not hide dirt. ●600ML can be put into a commercially available hand shake drinking cup to extend ice and heat preservation. ●Free straws, suitable for the whole family


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