Red garnet + topaz + olivine + ice kinds Aquamarine Silver Ring Garnet + Citrine + Olivine + Aquamarine Silver Ring

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Red garnet + topaz + olivine + ice kinds Aquamarine Silver Ring Garnet + Citrine + Olivine + Aquamarine Silver Ring


Red Garnet + olivine + ice + citrine aquamarine species
Garnet + Citrine + Olivine + Aquamarine

Color: red, yellow, green, blue
Origin: South Africa
Chemical formula: SiO2
Hardness: 7
Material: natural red garnet, citrine, peridot, aquamarine ice species, 925 silver (international standard grade 925)
Spar Size: 15mm long x 14mm wide x 12mm thick (spar hand polished, there is a difference between +/- 0.2)
Ring size: 15.5mm / US 5

***Our full use of natural ore and spar, guaranteed to be full of natural genuine; if to take leave, the price can double your money back.**

Red Garnet
Red garnet name is derived from the Latin "pomegranate" granatum, and it resembles the characteristics associated garnet. According to legend, in ancient Greek and Roman times, many soldiers have to carry for the treatment of blood-related diseases, and provide physical and spiritual support. In addition, in medieval Europe, but also a symbol of love red garnet, red garnet and give each witness everlasting love, love and trust relationship concluded. Almandine garnet red is a series of stone can be dividends, purple, dark red and other colors. This gem is a powerful force that can strengthen the arteries of the heart, eliminating the spine, arthritis pain, enhance blood circulation, eliminate hair Ling role; and to promote the regeneration of cells and tissues, there is beauty beauty, accelerate wound healing, improve vitality.

Olivine Olivine
And has a gentle healing power of stones, which can help us to release the body fluctuate unnecessary energy; such as anger, nervousness, excessive worry, etc., and supplement the shortage of energy in the body.
Lord is wealth and partial wealth, known as the "Fortune crystal" can enhance the liver, stomach and pancreas secrete system, people cheerful mood, relieve stress, have a positive outlook on life.

Citrine Citrine
Citrine is a symbol of wealth, and wealth is the ability to bring together the "enrichment stone", and can bring the power of wealth (spiritual and material). Citrine can correspond to the sun gear (stomach wheel), can enhance the liver, stomach and pancreas secrete systems for constipation, stomach pain and other digestive diseases, can also play a very good effect. This energy can make us feel cheerful and stone, you can relax in a quiet, relieve stress and emotional balance, bring calm judgment, the introduction of a positive outlook on life.

Aquamarine sea known as Sapphire, Beryl, in ancient Rome with "sea elves treasures are playing ashore and become gem" of legends. Since ancient times, this gem is also to be creative, independent lifestyle forward towards giving the force of rational action, and can improve the expressive effect. Aquamarine also a symbol of life and can bring carefree zest for life; also considered to enable smooth language, helps you smoothly to express themselves, enhance communication skills. In addition, this gem and can inhibit rhinitis, thyroid, tonsillitis, sore throat treatment, fever, lowering blood pressure, soothing mood, but also purify the blood effect
Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin South Africa


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