4/28・Island picking up light ・Yitih Mei sense living plum wine yoga

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I am tired from work, tired of working overtime, and come to a yoga that soothes my body and mind. At this time, I will have another cup of plum wine to satisfy my body. (You need to bring your own yoga mat)
ไต้หวัน / Taipei City
台北市中正區襄陽路 1 號 6 樓
ก่อนเริ่มเวิร์คช็อป 15 นาที
1.5 ชั่วโมง
18 ปีขึ้นไป
  • ถูกชม 4,367 ครั้ง
  • มี 64 คนถูกใจ



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4/28・Island picking up light ・Yitih Mei sense living plum wine yoga


Carrying history, senses and memories, the island gradually shapes its own independent and interdependent appearance; in the spring and sunny days, together with local designers, pick up and create time. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7904/46612980075_24dbd30669_c.jpg **Pinkoi 品品堂**Invited**Yitih huang**led the friends to come to a comfortable experience, tired to work, overworked and tired, I want to come to a yoga soothing body ~ this time to come to the cup of plum wine, let The whole body is satisfied, and tomorrow is a new day. Invite the yoga teacher - Yitih huang, to lead you to stretch the tight body, and taste the FANTASIA illusion red sorghum wine, while holding plum wine and doing yoga, let your body and mind get a full range of relaxation. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7823/47528420961_854b244788_c.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7826/47528420981_b9008ea618_c.jpg Active Drinks|FANTASIA Magic Red Sorghum Choose the highest grade of high-altitude green plum in Xinyi Township to brew the magic series of red plum sorghum wine. The entrance Meixiang dilutes the sorghum and has its own loneliness. https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7846/47528416511_4830d05b06_c.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7857/47475699652_9bd579dd90_c.jpg **Yoga teacher - Yitih huang** Yitih's journey to start yoga is not long or short, but it has been recognized that this is a medium that can inspire its infinite power. Through the practice of body and mind, practice every aspect of life, embrace your good and bad, true love. Yourself. Everyone has a different chance of meeting yoga, but I don't want to interrupt after I start, because yoga is a life practice, trying to practice becoming a better self. experience: Taiwan International Yoga Association Yoga Teacher's License 2015 Respiratory cleansing method training 2016 Taiwan International Yoga Association Tongluo Healing Teacher License 2017 Taiwan International Yoga Association Teacher Certification Training Teacher 2015/8 - 2018/8 Taiwan International Yoga Association Yoga Teacher Certification Course Training Assistant 2016 KA Yoga aerial yoga training materials writing / training assistants 2017 Hatha Yoga Firefly Bali Yoga Retreat Eight Days Yoga Camp 2018 Intuitive Perspective Therapies Intuitive Perspective Therapy Workshop 2018 https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7824/47357812421_da387881f1_c.jpg **Pinkoi product school collaboration refreshment | afternoon snack light** The continuation of the insistence on safe and healthy ingredients, Use Taiwan's high-quality ingredients for change and development, Make these afternoons with peace of mind, health and deliciousness with these high-quality ingredients. It is the only mission of the afternoon light to make the snacks that people around you enjoy and enjoy. ▶ Event Information ・Date: 2019/4/13 (six) 17:00–18:30 ・Number of people: 8 people / field ・Including: Experience activities, FANTASIA illusion red sorghum, self-prepared yoga mats, and a refreshment. ・Location: 6/F, 1 Yuyang Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City ・Transportation: Take the MRT to Exit 4 of Taida Hospital Station and walk for 1 minute. ▶ Ticketing instructions ・Ticket description . Single ticket NT$ 880 . 5% off for two or more (one person NT$ 836) **・After the successful purchase, you will receive an electronic ticket notice and will not send the physical ticket. On the day of the event, please present the e-ticket after the registration to enter the venue.**





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