Pottery workshop │ lingering in a bowl (Xiubai)

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Gaiwan is also known as "Sancai bowl"; corporate gifts and gifts are suitable for personal use.



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Pottery workshop │ lingering in a bowl (Xiubai)


Creative idea Gaiwan is also known as "Sancai bowl". The so-called three talents are: "Heaven, Earth, People". The lid shows the sky, the cup and plate shows the surface, and the bowl shows the person, It seems that a small world is housed in the Gaiwan, which contains the ancient philosopher: "Heaven is the cover, the earth is built, and the people are educated". In the old days, officials and gentry paid attention to the taste of life, and popularly watch tea with a bowl of tea. The joy, anger, sorrow, and joy in the play were on stage and under the stage. The idiot became a taster of tea that dreamed of life like a drama. With the moving story staged, it came alive. "Staying" pottery products have gone through the quenching chain, and finally came calmly to develop a world of tea seats of "quiet and contented". The texture is no longer only to pursue the shapely and smooth, so it is free to change. The iron spot reflects the charm and ingenuity of the craftsman, and the subtlety of Sui Xing. The green body and glaze color draw on the natural features, and the tranquility and simplicity are precipitated. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/922/41632422620_3520eb4ede_b.jpg product features 1. The green body is kneaded with Zen porcelain and iron and burned at high temperature to make rhyme. Touch the surface texture of the pottery, with slight undulations, showing the ancient and elegant taste with superb craftsmanship. 2. Each piece of work in the series has its own personality, just like everyone has their own personality, so the texture is no longer only pursuing symmetry and smoothness, so it is free to change. The iron spot reflects the charm and ingenuity of the craftsman, and the subtlety of Sui Xing. The green body and glaze draw on the natural style, and the expressions are eclectic. Presents the beauty of precipitation, meditation and randomness. 3. The iron spot falls on the crest, and there is a feeling of being close to the people. The iron spot with the same shape but inconsistent distribution brings different feelings. 4. "Stay in" ceramic products are gentle in heat conduction. It is easy to elicit the rich flavor of tea soup, especially suitable for semi-fermented tea or partially fermented tea. Recommended tea: frozen top oolong tea, rich and smooth tea soup, rich fragrance of imported magnolia flower, lasting fragrance, long lasting charm. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/923/43392140692_824ce809e7_b.jpg Product specifications: Cover: 75x30mm / 40g Cup body: 90x90x50mm / 110g Plate: 10x10x25mm / 70g Capacity: 140cc Use and cleaning methods 1. Before using the new product, it can be used as long as it is washed once with boiling water. During use, the surface of the vessel can be moisturized with tea pot pen, and then the surface can be appreciated. After use, please clean the tea residue, rinse with water, dry, keep well ventilated, and dry. 2. Iron with different grain thickness blends Zen porcelain into the green body, and the temperature change generated by high-temperature kiln firing forms an ancient clumsy taste with natural distribution of iron spot size. The utensils are all tested by SGS, safe and safe, and can be used with confidence. 3. The picture and text are for schematic reference only, the actual goods are subject to the items received.


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