Zenique Delicated line in box-packaging 6-flavor set (Zenique classic)

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Zenique Delicated line in box-packaging 6-flavor set (Zenique classic)


18g x 6
หลังผลิต 730 วัน



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Zenique Delicated line in box-packaging 6-flavor set (Zenique classic)


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48941239327_8c32181940_b.jpg The beauty of Taiwan We insist the tradition of tea- Producing quality requires painstaking process Zenique's contract with tea farmers has received a total of ten top grade awards, and the entire production process is supervised by international professional tea talers.Free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, artificial flavors and additives. We are colorful because no pesticides are used. Here, you can find a complete ecosystem consisting of leafhoppers, ladybugs, praying mantises, bird's nests and snakes. We are vivacious because no herbicides are used. Here, even weeds are happy, because unlike barren paths in other tea gardens, we consider weeds an integral part of the ecosystem. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48940502688_33f5947182_b.jpg Zenique was invited to attend the AVPA “World Tea Competition” in France and was honored with the acknowledgment of world silver, bronze and gourmet medals based on the three characteristic teas including Aromatic Oolong, Black Oolong and Jin Shyuan Oolong. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49896975166_93edd3271d_b.jpg **Dong Ding oolong tea** Heating and drying: 50% Fermentation: 20-30% ingredients: oolong tea The semi fermented tea is produced following traditional method. The amber-red hue of the brewed tea released in the hot water can be compared to clouds in the sunset. With a longer heating and drying time, its taste is similar to Tieguanyin, leaving a rich fragrance even when the cup is drained. Drinking time: during and after meals enjoy with: caramel nut tart, macaron nougat, nut snack, savory flavour: Charcoal like nutty flavour , maltose like sugary tone **Black oolong tea** Heating and drying: 100 % Fermentation: 20-30% ingredients: Black oolong tea Through a lengthy process of repeated roasting, black oolong tea has a full and lingering flavor similar to that of Tieguanyin oolong tea. You can taste the strong flavor of oolong tea on the front end and a finish of natural sweetness. Drinking time: with and after meals/ afternoon tea enjoy with: macaron nougat, green tea and pumpkin seed biscuit, roasted tea and almond biscuit **Dark tea** Heating and drying:10% Fermentation:100% ingredients:black oolong tea, small leaf black tea Zenique’s special blend. Produced from repeated roasting of black oolong tea and small leaf black tea, dark tea exhibits the features of two tea. It will surprise you with the sweet initial flavor and the heavy oolong aftertaste. The tea has rich and velvety texture and aroma. When you enjoy with pastries, the sweet taste highlight the unique taste of dark tea. Drinking time:during and after meal, afternoon tea enjoy with:tea roll cake, macaron nougat, soft and creamy desserts flavour:milk, honey, oolong tea. **Traditional Taiwan Black Tea** Heating and drying:0% Fermentation:100% ingredients:Assam black tea (TTES No.8), malt, cassia Taiwan's unique traditional black tea. It delivers a bold punch of Assam black tea with the malty notes that are similar to coffee. The rich barley aroma is complemented by the sweet and smooth taste to create the most iconic, nostalgic flavored tea beverage in Taiwan. Drinking time:breakfast tea, with and after meals, afternoon tea enjoy with:tea cake roll, jin-shyuan mille crepe, caramel madeleine flavour:malt ,coffee, black tea ** Gardenia Oolong tea ** Heating and drying: 50 % Fermentation: 20-30 % ingredients: Oolong tea, Natural gardenia Opening with the unrestrained essence of Gardenias, closing with the delicate aroma of Jasmines. The floral fragrance gives a soft touch to its resounding taste, creating a unique layered flavoring and a refreshing sweetness. Drinking time: after meals, afternoon tea enjoy with: pineapple cake, dried fruit, sweet and sour refreshment flavour: gardenia, jasmine, oolong tea ** Osmanthus green tea ** Heating and drying: 0% Fermentation: 0% ingredients: green tea,natural osmanthus No artificial fragrance added, the tea is the perfect blend of delicate osmanthus aroma and refreshing green tea taste. The flawless fusion produces a sweet and pleasant taste that gives an unforgetable scent of spring. Drinking time: After meals, afternoon tea enjoy with: Black tea pineapple cake, bean paste cake, light and refreshing snacks flavour: Osmanthus, green tea https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48941041756_d323b661a6_b.jpg ** Brewing method** Black tea: Cold brewing 1g : 100cc 4-8hr, Hot brewing 3g: 150cc 1:30-2min Temperature: 95-100°C Oolong tea: Cold brewing 1g : 100cc 4-8hr Hot brewing 3g: 150cc 1:30-2min Temperature: 90-100°C Green tea: Cold brewing 1g : 100cc 4-8hr Hot brewing 3g: 150cc 1:30-2min Temperature: 90-95°C **Content** Specifications: 6 packs (6 tea bags / pack , 3g / tea bag) Expiration: 2 years Place of origin:Taiwan, Nantou County


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