TOJIKI TONYA Aguillo Ajillo single handle baking tray

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Heat-resistant Wan Gu Ajillo single-handled baking tray, can be direct fire, small and deep shape, suitable for stewing porridge, heating food, etc., the amount of use is just right, can be cooked directly to the table! Single men and women outside the goo



1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
TOJIKI TONYA Aguillo Ajillo single handle baking tray


Tojiki Tonya / The East China Sea region has been an important area for pottery production since ancient times. The TOJIKI TONYA project considers the Japanese food culture to be gradual. Under the rich background of the Mino region, it has developed excellent technology, which creates a tacit understanding between the Tao Da people and the customers, plus modernity. The element, the more optimized ceramics firing technology, provides a new proposal for the modern lifestyle, and establishes a brand that integrates the local production and sales supply chain. 👉 heat-resistant ancient AJillo single-handled baking tray, can be direct fire, small and deep shape, suitable for stewing porridge, heating food, etc., the use of a person just right, cooked can be served directly! Single men and women outside the good choice! 👉Characteristics/heat-resistant Iga The clay that has been collected from the strata of the Iga region, the ancient gully lake, is very heat-resistant, and has been used as a heat-resistant pottery in Japan. It is characterized by heat resistance, good thermal insulation and the use of soil materials with distinctive flavors. In addition, since the heat-resistant clay has the effect of far-infrared rays, it is possible to propose the taste of the food, and the effect of the food is added. Since there is no component which increases the refractory property in the raw material, it has a characteristic of a penetration pattern (outer surface crack) as compared with a earthen pot containing a feldspar component which is generally used daily. When using the Iga pot, please enjoy the daily fun. 👉Notes / ・ Even if it is used with care and care, there will be a penetration pattern (outer crack) during use, but it will not affect the use. Please Heart use. ・Can be used in ovens and microwave ovens. ・Please do not use it in the dishwasher. The cleaning method is to clean by hand. Please dry the water thoroughly with a dry cloth before storing. ・It will cause dirt or mold, please do not soak and wash. ・Do not wash with metal or hard materials. Can cause corners or breakage. ・In case of high temperature, please do not touch it directly, place it directly on the table, etc. ・Do not use this pottery to cook tempura and deep-fried dishes, which are very dangerous. ・Please do not dry for a long time. ・Please do not let the high temperature pottery suddenly cool down. I am afraid it will break. ・Because it has water-absorbing properties and is not completely dried, it will cause mold, dirt and odor. 👉Product specifications Material / heat resistant Iga Size / W1801*D135*H60 Origin / manufacturing methods Japan


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