Blacksmith's Iron Pot M / Special Lid Set

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A single iron plate is heated at a high temperature, beaten to create a solid while creating edges and height. All are integrated. IH is also possible. We have a lot of reservations, so it will take time to produce. Please see "Notice from the shop" on your profile page.



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Blacksmith's Iron Pot M / Special Lid Set


We have a lot of reservations, so it will take time to produce. Please see "Notice from the shop" on your profile page. -------------------------------------------------- ----- If you only want the main body, Blacksmith's Iron Pot (M) Please order more. Please note that it is managed separately from the stock of the main unit. Use this special lid for cooking that firmly traps heat. It is made of the same material in both size and depth. The handle is made by bending a string of iron. It has a height and shape that makes it easy to lift, and has a comfortable feel without stress. A lid that has a strong presence while matching the body of the iron pot. Of course the appearance is also outstanding. Please refer to the iron pan page for a description of the iron pan. Blacksmith's Iron Pot (M) The handling and maintenance are the same as the iron pot itself. (It is the same as the guide for the iron pan) "About handle" The handle of the lid is also iron, so it gets hot when used at high temperatures. Please wrap it in a cloth and use it. "Cleaning after use" It is oil grilled at the time of production, so you can use it as soon as you receive it. This oil-baked finish protects the iron by becoming a paint film and familiar. We recommend that you wash with a bundle or brush without using detergent. (If you smell strongly, you can use a detergent.) Since it is not processed, you can scrub it thoroughly and wash it well. "After washing" Although it has an oil coating, it is iron, so it's safer to get rid of water as soon as possible. There is no problem if you wipe it with a cloth, but it is fast and reliable to have the stove burn to remove the heat. If you use a detergent, the oil is also removed, so use a piece of cloth to spread the oil. It's the same as with an iron kettle, and once you start dating, it's not a special deal, so I'd be happy if you could try it without hesitation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding handling. [Material] Iron oil finish 【body size】 Diameter: Approximately 20 cm (bottom is 16-17 cm) Total length: about 26 cm Depth: about 5 cm Weight: about 1.3kg Each piece is made by hand, so the size and weight may differ slightly. We do not accept returns for this reason, so if you have a higher priority on size and weight, please contact us before ordering. 【Precautions】 It is oil baked. When the product is finished by craftsmen, it may have uneven appearance. There is no problem at all, as it is delivered as it is when it is completed, not at the store.


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