Orange Mint _ Vanilla Potted Gifts

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Orange mint has a pleasant orange fruity flavor. There is a slight refreshing sensation that won’t make people pungent. Coming into the summer, it is perfect for a drink.



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Orange Mint _ Vanilla Potted Gifts

รายละเอียดสินค้า Orange mint has a pleasant orange fruity flavor. There is a slight refreshing sensation that won’t make people pungent. Coming into the summer, it is perfect for a drink. Only a few leaves are needed, Put it into the black tea, there will be the taste of Earl Grey tea. Adding juice, there will be a cool feeling other than juice. Put it on the dessert and let the afternoon tea upgrade to the fullest When mixed with salad, it can also be eaten directly. Can be described as the new darling of the mint world (big heart) The essential oil of orange mint is very high. Therefore, it is often used to make essential oils with orange scent. The ancient Greeks painted mint on their wrists to represent strength. The mint-loving British table is rarely missing mint. In addition to a wide range of applications, the most important thing is its efficacy, Menthol is the main ingredient of mint. Can stimulate the central nervous system to eliminate fatigue, relieve worry and calm the nerves. Drinking mint tea after a meal can especially help digestion in the stomach. As a viewing, you can feel the orange scent of the nose. ░ Use ░ Watch, brew mint tea, lettuce mix, cooking condiments, purify the air, Mint ice, medicinal, refined essential oil (sweet orange flavor), etc. ░ Efficacy░ Refreshing, eliminating fatigue, relieving anxiety, eliminating flatulence, improving respiratory problems, Treat cold headaches, fresh air, etc. ░ Content ░ Nedland green mint potted, Nedland green mint small card, green finger guide, small dish design packaging ░ Size ░ 9 cm x 9 cm potted plants about 15-20 cm (35-50 days old seedlings) [about our business] I hope that with us, we can give you a new definition of the impression of planting. You can _ define it as a relief for healing, It can also be used as a value for fresh consumption. With a little care, you can often eat your own organic fresh vegetables. From the beginning of life, raise a pot of small dishes and experience the beauty of nature creation. Perhaps the noodles that have been raised may not be perfect. But also true _ full of hands and natural temperatures, Treated in different moods, into the eyes, the feeling of eating into the mouth, It will be different from the past. __[Remarks]__ __If you have the time to place an order, it is recommended to use the station letter to ask us about the current status of the small dish! Product photos are for illustrative purposes only, providing the best state of the dish based on current inventory. Because the plants themselves are unique and cannot be replicated, even if the varieties are the same, they will not have the same appearance due to the seasonal changes in temperature and sunshine due to the growth process.__ Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwanese small vegetable cultivation


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