【Boogie咘唧-Yijun Fresh Melon】Quality Organic Natural Pet Shampoo 500ml

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【Boogie咘唧-Yijun Fresh Melon】Quality Organic Natural Pet Shampoo 500ml


Unique fragrance ● Antibacterial deodorant ● Mild and not irritating ( ̆ 3 ̆)♥ Eco-friendly with high quality natural organic ingredients ♥Taiwan R&D and manufacturing♥ **♫【怡君】Fresh Melon ♫** Top notes: bergamot Middle taste: honeydew melon After taste: beeswax, vanilla Melon fruit is fresh and sweet, and it is a hearty smell that everyone will love. Product capacity: 500ml The word "Boogie" comes from the time when the disco style was popular in the 1970s. Refers to when people hear the strong rhythm of pop music, I can't help but put in music, dance and heat up! "Boogie" wants to convey a life attitude that is fun, communication and passionate. We are happy to share with you any culture, knowledge or experience related to Mao children. Also cherish the good times that accompany them, Determined to be "Boogie", a warm and sincere attitude towards everything, Nothing is left in the world of our children with Mao. **Design concept, giving you three unique and unique aromas** Boogie has always paid great attention to the relationship with Mao children. We hope that it is a pleasure, fun and even fascination to personally help a baby to take a shower. So we set out to develop a special fragrance for dogs and cats. They are "Yi Jun" fresh melon, "Shufen" fragrant green and "Lihua" scented flower Three distinct atmospheres. We ingeniously anthropomorphize the aroma, imagine a woman of three different images, In addition to keeping the hairy child's body pleasant and pleasant, it also leaves a unique sensory memory for yourself and Mao children. **Yijun, Shufen, Lihua name origin** You must know at least one Yijun, Shufen or Lihua. "Yi Jun", "Shu Fen" and "Li Hua" are from three different generations, A popular name among Taiwanese women is also known as the "vegetable market name." Boogie believes that these names are not "dish" at all, but instead they vaguely reveal the aroma; Therefore, we will carefully develop three different fragrances for dogs and cats. Named after these beautiful names, the fragrance is imagined as a woman of three different temperament. https://www.boogie.tw/pinkoi/boogie_pet_shampoo_01.jpg **Boogie's seven characteristics** ❶{Unique aroma} Carefully crafted three unique shades of different shades, "Yi Jun" fresh melon, "Shufen" fragrant green, "Lihua" rich flower, You must find the smell you like with your baby. ❷{Antibacterial deodorization} It is extracted with aloe vera, a natural antibacterial formula, which effectively reduces the growth of bacteria and makes the children no longer stink. With a natural antibacterial formula, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and maintains the body of the hairy child with no odor. Instead of adding artificial flavoring ingredients to the product, let the fragrance stay longer. However, the body still produces an odor, which causes an unpleasant smell of aroma and body odor. ❸{Selected quality natural organic ingredients} Boogie's full range of products use the outstanding ingredients certified by ECOCERT. Contains aloe vera extract, sugar-based trehalose, chamomile extract, and calendula extract. ❹{Without medicinal ingredients} Non-medicinal scouring, no drug resistance, no drug dependence, even if it is washed every day. ❺{Moderate and not irritating} Using high quality natural organic ingredients with mild ingredients It also uses ECOCERT-certified mild surfactants that are not sensitive or irritating to the skin of a child. ❻{Taiwan Manufacturing R&D} From design, R&D to production, it is 100% manufactured in Taiwan. ❼{Environmentally friendly} Natural ingredients are easily decomposed and do not cause harm or burden to the environment. **Boogie's promise, never add controversial ingredients, wash it up, don't worry** Boogie promises**never add the following ingredients**, After intimate bathing with the child, don't worry about any burden on the environment, the owner or the hairy child. ►SLS/SLES interface active agent ►Paraben preservative ►矽灵 ►Deodorant ►Soda ►Color Boogie is committed to developing an environmentally friendly, The bath products that both the owner and the child can use comfortably and happily at the same time, A lot of thoughts are also put into design on the product packaging. The product conveys a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the packaging and advertising image. Establish emotional and personalized connections between the owner and the pet. Adopting an illustrator style, Conveys the natural and gentle nature of the ingredients with simple packaging and color accents. In the aroma performance, the aroma is anthropomorphic, imagined as a woman of three different images, Through these names, there is a personal and emotional connection to the smell of the product. https://www.boogie.tw/pinkoi/boogie_pet_shampoo_02.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan R&D and manufacturing


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Boogie咘唧 quality organic natural pet scouring Deodorant and bacteriostatic, no medicinal ingredients, mild and non-irrit


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