— Gluten-Free — Qingren Honey Black Bean Cake (Miyaki)

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"Light and elegant black beans, thick but not greasy, soft honey black beans in the mouth, love black beans you mus


200g x 1
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— Gluten-Free — Qingren Honey Black Bean Cake (Miyaki)


[The peace of mind and family sharing] Use Tiantian Farm organic brown rice and black bean flour to replace flour. Choose carefully grazing eggs, New Zealand Anjia cream and cheese as ingredients, No artificial additives such as baking powder and preservatives are added. Roast with water and low temperature to keep the cake moist and dense. It only gives people a simple taste for the world. A good choice for birthday cakes and moon gifts! **☑ Use native cereals, gluten free** Look at Tiantian Farm to plant brown rice, black beans, peanuts, coix seed and other grains organically. It can be replaced by imported flour in its own baking workshop. In addition to avoiding the risk of gluten allergy, it also supports local food production. **坚持 Adhere to the preparation of materials, not fast** From the beginning of milling, all ingredients, fillings, seasonings, etc. are all made in-house. They do not use ready-made baking ingredients such as powders and seasonings. Although they are time-consuming and labor-intensive, they can eliminate excess ingredients and present the most natural cereals. Flavor. **☑ The ingredients are completely transparent, no added** The ingredients are fully expanded and the source of raw materials is disclosed, and the information is transparent. Avoid adding baking powder, improver, leavening agent and other additives, and replace it with innovative natural raw materials to give you peace of mind. **"Precious food given by nature - rice"** Westernization of the diet, Taiwanese people are getting farther and farther away from the "rice". From dinner to snacks, our food has been occupied by flour products, and there is nowhere to see the flour. Traditional Taiwan's main food - people are increasingly concerned about, rice is unsalable, farmers have fallen, and good fields have become wasteland. However, the reason why "rice rice" is the main food crop in Taiwan is because it is most suitable for Taiwan's soil and climate, and forms a rice-based ecosystem. In addition to conserving water sources and regulating climate, it also breeds a variety of organisms such as loach, egret, and alfalfa. If the slow sales of rice leads to the fallow of farmers, what we are experiencing will not only reduce the self-sufficiency of food, but also bring impact to the ecological environment. **"Being the Heart of Rice Cake"** Through the research and development of brown rice cake, we hope to find a new way for Taiwan rice. Under the principle of "friendly processing", 100% open source of raw materials, support the development of friendly environmental agriculture in Taiwan, and let consumers eat the most delicious, practical, healthy and friendly food at a reasonable price. *"A piece of cake builds a dream field* *"Healthy and delicious" is a good fortune to create a "local agriculture" future* *When you eat this delicious taste* *It is for the agriculture of Taiwan to cheer! ”* ◆ Name: Qingren Black Bean Cake ◆Main raw materials: green kernel black beans, eggs, palm oil, cream ◆Accessory materials: rice, linseed, sugar, eggshell, lemon ◆ Weight: 200 grams Nutrition label 50 grams per serving / 4 servings in this package Per serving Heat 125.5 kcal Protein 7.0 g Fat 5.4 grams Saturated fat 1.4 grams Trans fat 0.0g Carbohydrate 12.4 grams Sugar 7.0 grams Sodium 54 mg ◆ Origin / manufacturing methods: Kaohsiung, Taiwan / handmade ※ This product contains milk and eggs, and is not suitable for people with allergies.


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