COZY hanging wrist pillow. If the wrist is new

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Wrist pillow support / desk friend / mouse & trackpad & drawing board universal / ergonomic design, with the mouse hand said 掰掰 / hollow contact surface, dry breathable / hanging system, comfortable support / Taiwan One week arrival, 30 days satisf



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COZY hanging wrist pillow. If the wrist is new

รายละเอียดสินค้า **Good friend at the desk** Modern office life is inseparable from the computer, and it is at any time to use 3C products. Often because of poor posture of the wrist and keeping the same posture for too long, it is a work injury. We deserve a good friend who is really close to the wrist and gets rid of the past mouse. Hands, keyboard hands, resistance to the insecurity and discomfort of the wrist, regain the new life of the wrist. **Multi-purpose support** It is not limited to a single use. Whether you are an office worker who often needs to type a keyboard, an illustrator who uses a drawing board, or a product designer, you need to use it when you need to use your wrist frequently to check your wrist health. **Lasting refreshing** Open contact surface, dry and not stuffy, take the user's comfort as the first priority, use the breathable hollow design, carefully select the material in the material will not cause sultry discomfort due to prolonged contact, so as not to disturb The premise of work comfort is our insistence. **Smiling hanging** Suspended structure, comfortable and supportive, the day's work begins with a smile, cares about the good mood of the wrist, the design of the smiley arc, carries the pressure of a full day of work, maintains a smiling attitude, and does not care for the health of the wrist. **large area** Extended support on both sides, convenient for use, large-scale design for anti-slip and lengthening, whether it is a frequent mouse movement that requires a game to play, or a designer who needs to modify it at any time to make a hanging wrist pillow Protect your wrist from zero dead ends, from top to bottom, from left to right, and never let go of every moment of your wrist. **Golden ratio** The excellent golden ratio creates the nautilus structure of the wrist pillow, cleverly supports the pressure when the wrist is placed, and the level is tailored to absorb the "pressure", and it is safe to ride in the workplace without any worries. **Wrist pillow specification** Size 8.6 8.6cm x 26cm wide, height 7.1cm, wide range, guarding the wrist zero dead angle.


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