Kaico | Enamel Milk Pan S (15cm)

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△ Enamel refers to the processing technology of coating a layer of glass-based glaze on a metal surface at a high temperature. △ The ware made of enamel has a light texture, a smooth surface, and it is not easy to stick and easy to clean. △ Both good antib



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Kaico | Enamel Milk Pan S (15cm)


Kaico is an enamel appliance brand designed by Makoto Koizumi, a well-known contemporary interior space, furniture and living utensil designer in Japan. ◆ Koizumi was the first to establish an independent design studio "Koizumi Studio" in 1990. Each design work focuses on the combination of Japanese traditional craftsmanship and modern design elements. In 2003, he established the eponymous shop of the same name in Tokyo He is active in various major design fields in Japan. His work is not only popular with the public, but also repeatedly recognized by Japanese and international design awards. ◆ The enamelware produced by kaico is made by time-consuming and painstaking staff with rich experience and first-class technology. The so-called design is born of function. Koizumi has returned Kaico's design philosophy to the purest and original essence. For example: spacious and easy-to-clean openings, wooden handles that are not hot and easy to hold, flat and easy-to-heat bottom ... All are based on practical considerations, abandoning the simplicity of redundant decoration, full of simple beauty everywhere, and can be naturally integrated into daily life at home. The excellent design full of life wisdom has also made the Kaico series the highest honor in Japan's industrial design industry. Design Awards Affirmation! ◆ Enamel refers to the processing technology of coating a layer of glass-based glaze on a metal surface at a high temperature. The ware made of enamel has the characteristics of light texture, smooth surface, non-sticking, and good cleaning. It also has good antibacterial and anti-acid properties, and at the same time isolates the direct contact between the metal surface and food. Original flavor. [Precautions for use] ◆ Enamel products are all hand-glazed. Glaze cannot be evenly coated on the edge of the product (such as the edge of a spout or a conditioning dish or the edge of a basin) or the top of the hanging point during firing. The glaze is thin or peeling off. The Japanese manufacturer stated that this is a normal phenomenon. Please buy with peace of mind. ◆ This product can be used on gas stove and 100V / 200V induction cooker. Please avoid using it in microwave oven. ◆ During use, please avoid rapid heating, which may cause the glass material on the vessel to break. After leaving the fire source, please slowly cool down in a natural way. ◆ Do not place enamel utensils over a fire source and avoid cooking methods such as high-temperature frying, frying, and frying for a long time. ◆ Do not subject the enamel utensils to impact, so as to prevent the surface glass material from falling off; if the enamel falling off part is in contact with water, acid or alkaline substances, it may cause rust. ◆ To prevent rust, please avoid holding liquid for a long time, please wash, wipe and keep the utensils dry after each use. ◆ For cleaning, it is recommended to use soft tools such as sponges. Do not use steel brushes. ◆ The marked capacity of the product refers to the maximum full water capacity. To prevent the danger of boiling and overflowing, it is recommended that the product be filled with seven minutes. ◆ When cooking on high fire, the temperature of the enamel handle is high, please be careful to avoid burns. ◆ Suitable for gas stove and induction cooker ◆ Do not use dishwasher Product specifications Dimensions: 31.5 x 15.5 x 9.5㎝ Capacity: 1450ml Weight: 640g color: White Origin: Japan Function: Single-handle stockpot Material: Body / Enamel steel plate (enamel processing), Handle / Natural wood


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