Natural White Crystal Rough Stone-Purification, Charging, Degaussing, Natural NG Slightly Defective Pine Box Set

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Natural White Crystal Rough Stone-Purification, Charging, Degaussing, Natural NG Slightly Defective Pine Box Set


This pine wood jewelry box is slightly flawed, and the pine wood box can be used normally. Therefore, the pine wood box will be shipped at a discount, please accept it and buy it~ Thank you ^^ 【product name】 Natural White Crystal Rough Stone-Purification, Charging, Degaussing, Natural NG Slightly Flawed Pine Wood Box Set [A box is about 100 grams, the whole set is sold without a single!] 【Material】 Natural white crystal rough stone, natural pine wood, alloy accessories [Purchase note] This pine wood jewelry storage box is slightly flawed, and there are grain gaps. Dent marks caused by collision. There may also be wood grain exposure, wood knots, small cracks, nail holes, small stains, small missing corners, buckles, and plates and plates. The pine wood box can be used normally if there is no adhesion and natural factors, and the pine wood box can be used normally. Therefore, the pine wood box will be shipped randomly, please accept it and buy it~ Thank you ^^ 【Pine box size】 Outer box size- 1714.59cm Inner box size- 15.5*13.8cm 【About the set】 Ran NG slightly flawed pine box [pine box is shipped randomly] + white crystal rough about 100 grams 【Introduction to White Crystal】 White crystal, also known as the king of crystals, is pure and transparent, and is a magical gift from the earth. Possessing the synthesis of all energies, the white crystal represents balance and happiness, and its function can help purify the chaotic magnetic field at the most, and enhance the positive magnetic field, so it is called "the king of crystals". White crystal: increase fortune, ease interpersonal relationships, eliminate conflicts and disputes, and promote business prosperity. 【About bracelet degaussing】 Crystal is a natural ore with natural vibration frequency. After mining, transportation, cutting, design, polishing, packaging, sales and other procedures, many people have been contacted in the process, and naturally a lot of messy memory energy remains; memory” and restore energy, so degaussing purification is required. The purpose of purifying the crystal is to eliminate the remaining memory in the crystal, so that when you wear it, you can fit yourself with the crystal magnetic field, and then activate the crystal's natural oscillation frequency to expand the projection function to form a larger magnetic field. The bracelet can be degaussed by placing it in a white crystal rough pine box. Degauss at least six hours each time, preferably one night. It is recommended to degauss 1~2 times every month or so. You can put 1~3 fine bracelets at a time, the bracelets in the box are for photo display, buy the bracelets without pictures! 【About Natural White Crystal Rough Stone】 Due to the natural formation of natural crystals and minerals, it is inevitable that there will be ice cracks, clouds, and mineral shortages. Please understand before purchasing. 【About packaging】 Shipping is attached 1. Transparent jewelry packaging bag [packaging white crystal rough] Natural NG slightly flawed log pine box bubble bag packaging 【About delivery】 For friends in Taiwan, please choose the method to be sent directly~ Friends in Hong Kong, Macau and China will use SF Express for freight on delivery. Please select SF Express for freight on delivery when placing an order. Thank you ^^ 【Precautions】 - Each Stone may have different colors/shades/textures. The characteristics of natural stones may have some minor flaws such as ice cracks/cotton wool/impurities/grinding, please understand! -The products are all taken in real products. Due to the different ambient light sources where each computer display or camera is shooting, there may be some slight chromatic aberration, please understand!


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Natural white crystal raw stone purification and degaussing natural NG slightly flawed pine wood box set, can be used as ornaments, degaussing bracelets.


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