Light Travel│Experience and Maintenance 4-Piece Set│Three days of light travel to maintain hydration

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★ Get 1 mask ★ Travel care for skin care, ready for you! Lightweight travel, no need for bottles and cans. Organic rose moisturizing spray, essence, cream / night cream, nourishing oil / beauty oil. Small gifts, experience maintenance options.



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Light Travel│Experience and Maintenance 4-Piece Set│Three days of light travel to maintain hydration


**[Light Travel Group, Experience Group]**Travel maintenance, stable and healthy skin 1 Essential Bird's Nest Organic Rose Hydrating Moisturizing Spray-20ml • Up to 55% organic rose hydrosol, let you use more than water! Detailed introduction: 2 Essence Bird's Nest Firming Whitening Serum-3ml • Refreshing and non-sticky, fast absorption, preventing melanin, whitening and moisturizing Detailed introduction: 3 Essence Bird's Nest Lighthouse Jellyfish Collagen Cream / Night Cream-2.5g • Apply as a thick mask, as a night cream, or as an eye cream. It is convenient and effective to maintain without rinsing. Detailed introduction: 4 Essence Bird's Nest Complete Nourishing Oil / Beauty Oil-2ml • Natural vegetable oil, wipe your face for beauty oil, wipe your hands and protect your hands, even on dry skin Detailed introduction: **❤Send ❤** Essence Bird's Nest Lighthouse Jellyfish Collagen Mask $ 180 **Recommended maintenance procedures** │ daytime │ Wash your face → "Moisturizing Spray" → "Essence" → Add "Nourishing Oil / Beauty Oil" when it is dry or dry parts → Go out beautifully │night│ Wash your face → "Moisturizing Spray" → "Essence" → Lightly rub "Night Cream / Night Cream" → Sleep comfortably and relax 2-3 times a week → face wash → "moisturizing spray" → "essential liquid" → thick application "condensing cream / night cream" → sleeping with full skin │Pampering 1-2 times a week│ → "Mask" │Slightly dry, massage and relieve pressure│After the essence, but before the cream / night cream, rub "Nourishing Oil / Beauty Oil" supplement: When rubbing "Nourishing Oil / Beauty Oil", roll the oil into the palm of your hand, push it away with your hands and press it on your face. Apply "Frosting Cream / Night Cream". The amount can be adjusted according to skin quality and local skin condition. It can also be used as eye cream! **[EN'R Bird's Nest Skin Care] ~ Bird's Nest Skin Care with Resume ~** • Strictly selected high-concentration bird's nest essence imported from Japan, professionally extracted, and inspected by the factory. • The only skincare product on the market**"Essence of Bird's Nest (Imported from Japan) + Beacon Jellyfish Collagen (from France)"**. • Combined with effective moisturizing formula, it is easier to be absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin supple and supple. • Adhere to no added alcohol, coloring, flavor, carefully selected ingredients, and use it gently and at ease. • We give the skin the most real nourishment and let you have the natural beauty of happiness. **Selected as a New Featured Brand in "China's Self-Media Association"** **Introduction to the May 2019 issue of the Japanese magazine Ku: nel** * Made in Taiwan, Germany ISO22716 / Cosmetic GMP international certification * High concentration bird's nest extract Japan original inspection report * Passed SGS 4 heavy metals, no fluorescent agent, no bacteria test * Insured product liability insurance


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