Dark Rays - Pure - 925 Sterling Silver * Terahertz

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Modern people have long been exposed to various types of pressure and electromagnetic wave threats from various electrical products such as computers, which easily cause instability of biological currents in the body. So it is easy to cause physical fatigu



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Dark Rays - Pure - 925 Sterling Silver * Terahertz


"Gem energy" *Titanium Hertzite This material is a polycrystalline ore that emits a titanium Hertzian wave, which is a kind of growth light. The irradiation range is deeper and wider than the far infrared rays, and has a deep warming effect. Titanium magnetic waves in the human body produce resonance resonance with products with titanium Hertz waves, and the body's immunity, self-healing ability and body temperature are improved, promoting health and achieving blood circulation. Titanium (锗) → Titanium was discovered in the 18th century and was discovered by the German chemist MH Kraps in 1794 and named Titan. It has been widely used in the medical field. Such as: titanium plate, titanium hip joint and titanium knee joint. Therefore, people who have an allergic reaction to metal can safely wear it. Everyone knows that the reason why people get an electric shock is because the human body itself is an electric conductor, and there is a weak biological current flowing in the human body. Modern people have long been exposed to various types of pressure and electromagnetic wave threats from various electrical products such as computers, which easily cause instability of biological currents in the body. Therefore, it is easy to cause physical fatigue, muscle stiffness, back pain and other symptoms. However, pure titanium has good electric conductivity, can lead to electronic fluctuations and generate ions, and with the combination of pure bismuth, it can produce negative ions and reduce positive ions, adjust the bad sound caused by electromagnetic waves, relieve muscle tension and promote New metabolism, the spirit naturally becomes easy. Material 925 sterling silver * titanium Hertz stone 6mm * red agate 6mm "size" When placing an order, please provide the correct hand circumference, and leave the skin around the hand for the designer to make (do not reserve a loose space for yourself) If your hand is of a special size, please write to us for inquiries. *This item is "order order", the production period is about 3 - 7 production days, does not include holidays (handmade jewelry can not accept urgent, please forgive me) ❖Customized note❖Customization note❖ ❶ Wrist size: Please measure the actual wrist size, choose the size of your wrist when ordering (Note: not the total length of the player chain) ●Simple measurement method can be used to fasten the length of the wire around the wrist. ●We will add 0.5-1.5 cm depending on your hand circumference. 👉Measure hand circumference method👈 Take the number of the tape measure around the wrist, and don't deliberately tighten or relax! ❖Other precautions Others❖ ●The color of the photo will be different depending on the computer screen. If you want to match the color of the photo, you can confirm the color number with the designer to prevent it from falling with the imagination. ●It is waterproof, but it is not recommended to take a bath. The bath scale will accelerate the bracelet to get old. ●Special order products will not be returned if there is no special reason ●Please carefully measure the size of your wrist. If the size is not correct due to your own mistake, we still provide the exchange service, but you must pay for the exchange. ● If there are other urgent parts time requirements or other questions, you can write a letter and discuss the order! ● Natural stone will have more or less ice cracks, no obvious mine defects, and slightly different bead sizes. ●Photos will be as realistic as possible, and there will be some errors due to the different angles of the photos. Please accept the re-transaction! ●Products can be modified according to the buyer's needs, and the fees will be revised according to the situation. Please discuss with me. ●Because everyone's computer monitor screens are different, a little color difference is unavoidable in online shopping. Ordering is not recommended if you are unacceptable. ●Hand-made products are entitled to free change of line service within half a year (the buyer can bear the postage and postage) ● Shipment time is sent within 5 working days after "payment", excluding holidays. If you have urgent use, please contact us first. ● Natural stone jewelry will also have signs of age with the wearing condition, such as the surface of the beads may become more foggy, no original light is worn, this is inevitable, wearing a sterling silver pure gold bracelet will be long There are small collision and wear marks, so please try not to knock when you wear jewelry.


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