Hot spring eucalyptus soap | medium / oil / mixed skin | cleansing, bathing, soothing pressure | handmade soap

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|Spa eucalyptus soap| Uses: cleansing, bathing, soothing stress Application: medium / oil / mixed skin Add: certified hot spring, Nantou Sapindus extract, essential oil (桧木, lavender) Hot spring raw materials won the "Taipei City Government Origin Cer



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Hot spring eucalyptus soap | medium / oil / mixed skin | cleansing, bathing, soothing pressure | handmade soap

รายละเอียดสินค้า ▏ Mu Shi Story MOUSSE NATURE SOAP ▏ Ten years of travel time The birth of 10 million handmade soaps While making soap for national brands Constantly looking for a warm raw material Return home Occasionally took off the yellow loofah on top of the melon shed I discovered that it was all in the hometown. So I used my hometown hot springs, loofah, earth, flowers, nucleus, kernels, and fruit into soap. The most natural and meticulous guardian Dedicated to the family, the most gentle and beautiful time MOUSSE NATURE SOAP Selection Guide The "moisturizing degree", "durable hardness" and "exfoliation" level make it easier for you to find the perfect time spa soap. ★★★Height, ★★Moderate, ★Low "moisturizing degree" Dry, sensitive skin, autumn and winter, dry climate, for face wash: choose "moisturizing degree" "Higher time hand soap." Mixed, oily skin, spring and summer, damp heat climate: You can choose the Moss Handmade Soap with lower "moisture". "Durable hardness" For bathing and hand washing purposes, you can choose the "durable and high hardness" Mu Shiguang handmade soap. "Exfoliation" High exfoliation means that the loofah fiber content is high, allowing you to bathe and massage the keratin and promote keratin metabolism. Ps. If “exfoliation” is not displayed, it means that it does not contain Wuhu loofah fiber. MOUSSE NATURE SOAP Awards ▏ Hot spring raw materials won the "Taipei City Government Origin Certification" Experiments on inhibiting acne and acne bacteria by Jianan University of Pharmacy The Taipei Hot Spring Soup Festival Innovation Award, Design Award, and Popularity Award, which was endorsed by NARUKO Niuer in 2015. ▏ Mu Shi MOUSSE NATURE SOAP Direct Store ▏ Eslite counters - Xinyi flagship store 5F, Eslite Gallery, No. 11 Songgao Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City / 11:00-22:00/Selling full range of products ▏ Mu Shi MOUSSE NATURE SOAP sales point ▏ For non-full range of sales, you can contact customer service or FB time, please sell on-site merchandise. Shenghengchang Duty Free Shop Taipei Songshan Airport Next to the boarding gate of No. 4F, No. 2, No. 340, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City / 05:30-22:00/Sold-partial hot spring soap series, some hot spring liquid soap series, some diffused series, Part of the fragrance oil series Shenghengchang Duty Free Shop Inner Lake Flagship Store 1F/ 08:00-21:00/Golden Road, Neihu District, Taipei City/Selling-Partial Hot Spring Soap Series, Partially Fragrance Series, Partial Fragrance Oil Series Port 3 Duty Free Shopping Center 3F Wenchuang District, No. 158, Tonghe Road, Magong City, Wuhu County, Monday-Thursday 09:00-21:00, Friday-Sunday 09:00-22:00 Part/Selling-All Spa Soap Series, Partial Hot Spring Liquid Soap series, some diffused series, some fragrance essential oil series Shenghengchang Duty Free Shop Jinhu Square 4F, No. 198, Section 2, Taihu Road, Jinhu Town, Jinmen County, Sunday - Thursday: 09:00-19:00, Friday-Saturday: 09:00-21:00/Sold-Fuquan Spa Soap Series, All Spa Liquid soap series, partial diffused series, some fragrance essential oils Specifications ▏ Mu Shi MOUSSE NATURE SOAP Spa Handmade Soap Series - Introduction of eucalyptus soap formula ▏ Taiwan's coniferous first-class wood, Alishan Elm, is the oldest ecosystem in Taiwan's wood group and has the reputation of Shenmu. More than a hundred years of wild natural growth, natural and natural, essential oil energy can not be compared with artificial organic cultivation essential oils. Since the Taiwan government has long banned the cutting of eucalyptus, every drop of the existing eucalyptus essential oil is quite precious. All plants secrete fendofin in order to avoid bacterial attack, and the natural content of eucalypts is the highest in eucalyptus. Bathing eucalyptus soap makes you feel like you are in the woods of the millennium. More refined to the balance of body and mind. MOUSSE NATURE SOAP Spa Handmade Soap Series - Alder Saponin Moisture degree ★ Durable hardness ★★★ Uses: face cleansing, bathing, soothing stress, relaxing mood Application: neutral / oily / combination skin Add: certified hot spring, Nantou Sapindus extract, 100% pure plant essential oil (eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil) Content: Hot spring hand-made 110 grams of soap, a foaming net bag. Specifications: 110 g ± 5 g, diameter 68 mm * thickness 38 mm. Shelf life: 2 years. Packaging: food grade vacuum packaging. storage method: Store in a cool place without unpacking to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. After unpacking, please put it in a well-drained soap dish, keep the handmade soap dry, and use two pieces of handmade soap in turn to prolong the life of the soap. Instructions: Soak the soap with water and foam it. After cleansing the skin, rinse it off with warm water. Foaming net usage: 1. Put the soap on the foaming net, put the soap back into the soap dish, pour the foam net separately, and clean it with foam. 2. Put the soap into the foaming net to produce a lot of foam, but the soap consumption is faster. 3. Collect and use the remaining small soap in the home and put it into the foaming net bag. Precautions: 1. Please avoid using your eyes. If you accidentally get into the eyes, please rinse with water. Allergies, skin discomfort, redness and itching, please suspend use, if not, please consult a doctor. 2. Since the raw materials, minerals and plant ingredients of hand-made and used hot spring soup are natural, there may be some color difference in each batch. 3. Web page images may produce color differences, mainly based on physical goods.


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