Crystal Ball - Amethyst Topaz Obsidian White Crystal Powder Crystal Yellow Tiger Eyestone Office Device Decoration

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When you have the "Crystal Purification Degaussing Ball" and want to have different main stones, you can add a new color to the whole, add new vitality, and at the same time purify the crystal jewelry, of course, it is also suitable for office he



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Crystal Ball - Amethyst Topaz Obsidian White Crystal Powder Crystal Yellow Tiger Eyestone Office Device Decoration


Crystal is a spiritual gem, it has the function of memory. Any new crystal ore that is newly obtained contains residual energy memory (such as mining, transportation, cutting, polishing, polishing). During the process, many people have been contacted and naturally survived. A lot of messy memories, the purpose of purifying the crystal is to eliminate the residual memory in the crystal for the official owner to use, so that you can match the crystal magnetic field, and then activate the crystal natural oscillation frequency to expand the projection function. Combine the power of the universe to form a larger magnetic field and achieve your wishes. In addition, the crystal will absorb the energy around, so every time you want to degauss the crystal once again, especially after wearing it for a while, it will absorb the negative energy, then you need to do the crystal purification treatment, let the crystal always protect Positive energy, eliminate negative energy, and achieve the best state of the crystal. ▶•Product Details•◀ All the goods are taken in solid ✦☞ crystal ball size: diameter about 26-30mm (without base) ✦☞ crystal ball material: pink crystal yellow tiger eye stone obsidian topaz white crystal amethyst. ▶•Design concept•◀ The RIJU brand of glass beads was created by two passionate people from small rivals, which can make the dream of a child unreachable. The brand concept that we want to convey is to be like a glass bead at a high temperature, and become a bead with different symbolism and significance. It gives us the belief to break through the adversity, meet the light and never give up, so we chose "Glass beads" is our brand name, and let everyone wear it, can have the courage to face any things will not give up, will face the difficulties with the strength of not admit defeat. The design concept of the glass beads RIJU is based on natural stone as the main axis, with different colors of natural stone, with various shapes of brass, sterling silver, Tibetan silver, natural cut ore, etc. to create a unique natural stone jewelry that belongs to two people. . Because everyone has different stories, like each ore has a different color, Even an unremarkable ore will never give up like a small dream. We create jewelry that is unique to each individual and each ore. When you / come here, I hope that you will be able to start again with full courage. ▶•Product Care•◀ Natural stone should be purified regularly to maintain natural stone energy. ✦☞ Jewelry is depleted and cannot be restored. The coating will produce different degrees of wear and oxidation according to personal habits. The length of the color retention period varies from person to person, from a few days to several years. ✦☞ Jewelry avoid contact with chemicals (color cosmetics, perfumes), acids and bases and humid environments to avoid corrosion. ✦☞ Jewelry should avoid wearing it when avoiding sea water, hot springs, swimming, bathing or sweating. ✦☞ Jewelry should be pulled vigorously or in the opposite direction, and should be removed as much as possible during sleep to avoid squeezing damage. When the ✦☞ jewelry is not worn, it can be wiped clean with a silver cloth and sealed in a zipper bag. ▶•Product Precautions•◀ ✦☞ Natural stone is different in the way of mining veins and cutting materials. The color of each natural stone product is different in color, texture, crystal, shape and size. There may also be cracks, impurities, minerals and the like. , so you can't match 100% of the product pictures, please see forgive me. ✦☞Products will be slightly adjusted according to the size of the hand, and the combination and proportion of the products will be adjusted, not exactly the same as the product. When some materials are out of stock, they will not be notified if they do not affect the appearance. ✦☞Because the goods are handmade, the shape and size of the materials are different, and the way each person measures is different, but there is a dimensional error (between 0.3~0.5cm), so the size provided when ordering is only for reference. ✦☞The merchandise photo will have a color difference due to factors such as shooting light and different brightness of the PC screen. Different batches of goods will have some differences in color. ✦☞Every material is carefully selected and unique. The finished product will not be exactly the same as the product. Please forgive me. ▶•Product Service•◀ ✦☞ "Customized goods": There is no seven-day appreciation period, except for 瑕疵, there is no return / exchange service. If you need to change the size of the product, you need to pay the return shipping fee and the revised cost of NT30-80. ✦☞ "Shipment time of goods": The number of working days will be calculated after the payment of the goods is completed (the first working day is calculated every other day after the payment is completed). The goods are hand-made, and the spot is sent within about 3 days. If it is out of stock, it must wait 7-14 working days (excluding shipping time). ▶Taiwan shipping time: The mailing registration is about 1-2 days, the supermarket picks up the goods for about 2-3 days, and some of the farther areas may be served 3-5 days. (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays) ▶ Non-Taiwan shipping time Depending on the destination, the number of days of delivery is different, approximately 12-15 working days after delivery (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and national holidays). ✦☞ "Commodity problem": After receiving the product, if you have any questions, you can contact the designer ❤ Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Taiwan • Handmade


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