||梧心||Nature bracelet. Fluorite / Cherry Blossom Agate / Rose Stone / Thuja / Black Rosewood / Jade / Silver

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Natural material multi-material designer bracelet, plus heart-shaped silver jewelry, bring good luck and richness ◆ fluorite ◆ cherry agate ◆ Brazilian flower agate ◆ fluorite ◆ southern Xinjiang jade ◆ rose stone ◆ red agate ◆ black rosewood ◆ cliff Cypre


Divine Love On Earth

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||梧心||Nature bracelet. Fluorite / Cherry Blossom Agate / Rose Stone / Thuja / Black Rosewood / Jade / Silver


[梧心] Amber sycamore tree in the afternoon sun, Shining is the palm of the tree, And your engraved name~ =============================================== 能量 Energy: joy, calmness, health, richness, popularity 材质 Material: fluorite, cherry agate, southern jade, Brazilian flower agate, red agate, rose stone, black rosewood, thuja, heart-shaped 925 sterling silver, Japanese silk elastic thread 赠 Gifts * This product comes with a silver cloth * Attached to the chain bag for easy collection (additional bag with thousands of yuan or more). ::Order to pay attention (if the ready-made size is not your hand, you can customize it) * Please confirm with your hand after ordering to speed up the production process. Please refer to the following "Product Size Measurement Method". Due to the different sizes, it may be necessary to increase or decrease the materials and accessories under the premise of the design theme of the work. For example, a shorter hand circumference will require the removal of certain beads, and a longer hand circumference will add a few beads or accessories, etc., so there is also the possibility of discretionary material fees. For the actual wearing effect, please refer to the proportion of the wearing situation photo. * Every natural ore, wooden beads, pearls and other materials we choose have their own unique texture, color and shape. Natural minerals or ice cracks are also part of natural creations. We will try our best to match you in the photo. The same level of beauty, but can not be guaranteed to be 100% like photos, I hope you understand and appreciate the unique personality and fate of each piece of jewelry, if you can not accept, please do not order! * Product photos are taken under natural light, which may be slightly different due to lighting conditions or computer/mobile screen settings. Please try to refer to the physical effects of each photo at different angles, and do not accept the return requirements for color difference. * Generally, the order can be completed and sent in about 1-3 working days. (In addition to material shortage or special circumstances, it may take 7-10 days). If you need to make an urgent item, please indicate it. If it is not completed before the time you expect, we will Let me know first. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ::Product size measurement method Use a cloth ruler or a soft wire that is easy to obtain, and fit it around the protrusion of the wrist (the ankle is measured at the ankle joint) and lay it flat and measure the length. We will use this data to calculate the actual size that suits you at the time of production (please do not reserve a loose space for yourself). For example, the elastic bracelet (+1-1.5cm) and the buckle bracelet (+1.5-2cm) will be slightly different. If it is necessary to reproduce due to incorrect size measurement, you will need to pay for the replacement. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ :: gift packaging *To the relatives and friends, please indicate that you can give gifts directly for the package. The gift box is made of cowhide cardboard (with thick velvet pad) and hemp knot. *Free to write a gift card, please specify and provide the text in advance (Chinese, English, Japanese). -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ::customized Welcome letter to explain your needs and preferences, we can provide customized products that are exclusive to you. Or you can reserve a constellation consultation analysis. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ::Service Provide free repairs for one year from the date of purchase of all goods (by the way, finishing, maintenance, purification) twice. If the product has defects, please inform us first. If there is any material, you can replace it once. If you need to pay the material fee, you will be informed. Please carefully protect the goods and send them back to us. The shipping charges are self-paying and there is no guarantee that the risk of loss or damage will be lost when sending. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ::Usage and maintenance methods * For natural ore purification methods, refer to the recommendations on the Internet. The easiest is to place the light in daylight (or full moon) for two hours. Before the goods are shipped, they will first do an energy purification for you. * It is recommended to remove the jewelry before bathing or soaking in hot springs or sea water to avoid damage. * Sometimes the elastic thread is exposed or stuck due to partial curling. You can use both hands to gently adjust and smooth each bead on the bracelet several times. In most cases, it will be smooth. * When metal-containing products are not worn for a long time, it is recommended to store them in a zipper bag to reduce oxidation. * It is normal for oxidized black of brass and sterling silver. It can be wiped with silver cloth to restore brightness. * Natural brass can be wiped with a wet cotton cloth dampened with lemon juice or vinegar until the product is a composite material, such as wood, natural pearls, etc., which can be avoided by a cotton swab or a small toothbrush.


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