Diamond POT I Geometry I Diamond I Cement I Pots-with cactus plant-

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Diamond POT-presents the original texture elements of the cement pottery. It has a high value x multi-purpose. It is a pottery and a universal pen holder. It is thick and simple but feels gentle. The combination of the planting concept not only heals and h



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Diamond POT I Geometry I Diamond I Cement I Pots-with cactus plant-


https://youtu.be/S3SpdpBbCp8 ∷__**Brand Concept**__∷ - - Return to the original texture of cement - ❘ As technology becomes more omnipotent, the more we desire the temperature of handmade. The hand-made cement blends the original atmosphere and the design sense. The introverted sense of simplicity and quality conveys a different personality, and the low-key design texture that enhances the texture injects a fresh element into life! Join us, enjoy the cement! ∷__**Material specifications**__∷ Colors ▸ gray / white Material ▸ Cement Size▸ Outer diameter-Φ7.8 x H2.8cm (± 3mm) Inner diameter-L7.8 x W7.8 x H2.8cm (± 3mm) Weight ▸ 150g (± 20g) Planting ▸ Suitable for 3 inch "cactus" single plant or 3 to 6 1 inch pots Packaging ▸ Carton, pot change instruction card, plant care instruction card Others ▸ There are drainage holes on the bottom of the basin, and a scratch-resistant gasket is attached to the bottom ∷__**Plant match**__∷ You can choose a 3-inch "cactus" to plant a single plant. The "cactus" variety will be adjusted according to the season or breeding conditions. ∷__**Contents**__∷ If you choose a 3-inch "cactus" plant, you need to plant it yourself. The following is the attached content: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49049228958_108f2917cc_k.jpg ✔ basin ✔ Non-woven ✔ 3 inch single plant ✔ Special cultivation soil for cactus ✔ Surface decorative stone ✔ Planting pot change instruction card / planting care instruction card ∷__**Shipping Instructions**__∷ Goods in stock ▸ If the product is in stock, it will be shipped within 48 hours after the transaction amount is confirmed. Order-to-order products ▸ If the product is out of stock, it will be delivered within 7 working days without holidays after the transaction amount is confirmed. If you need gifts or order a lot, please contact us in advance to confirm. ∷__**Three One Reminder**__∷ ∴The products on sale are "cement products" and do not include the accessories shown. ∴It will produce more or less stomata, mottled cracks or color depth changes by hand-made. Therefore, each finished product is different. Please consider carefully for the perfectionist. ∴Each computer screen has a different color tone, so there is a slight color difference, and the shipment is mainly based on the actual product color. ∴ Cement is a fragile product. Do not drop it. Cement is a water-absorbent porous material. Avoid staining with colored liquids. Sanyin will try its best to protect the products with the best packaging, but in an uncontrollable environment such as unpredictable shipping, unavoidable situations may still occur. Please forgive me.


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