Mother's Day Diffuser / Non-Withered Carnation / Mom is My Goddess

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Because the relationship of pregnancy can better understand the hard work of mothers, we all have to love our mothers well. We must show it when we are on holiday. I hope to bring you good pregnancy discouragement - -"Mom is my goddess" 💝💝 Limited special small card May my mother be as beautiful as never withered



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Mother's Day Diffuser / Non-Withered Carnation / Mom is My Goddess


Because the relationship of pregnancy can better understand the hard work of mothers, we all have to love our mothers well, and we must show it at the festival. ❤️ If you want to have a good pregnancy, you can also order carnation pot flowers! I hope to bring you good pregnancy discouragement - -"Mom is my goddess" 💝💝 Limited special small card May my mother be as beautiful as never withered - 📌Enjoy early bird price from now until 4/5 📌Top 50 free gift cards 📌Introducing red carnations and pink carnations this year 🎀Because of the pneumonia in Wuhan this year, the production of imported non-withered flowers has been greatly reduced, especially the non-withered carnations. There is already news of out of stock in March. First, grab a few boxes and come back. Do n’t hesitate to buy the pollen! !! //Dimensions// . Size: Pottery 6*6*6 / Finished product about 13*13*10 (cm) . Potted flowers are available with red carnations and pink carnations . Color can be customized, please communicate with private designer . Please confirm the size again before buying, do not imagine in imagination, to ensure your rights! // flower material // , No withered hydrangea, no withered carnations, ping pong expanded flowers, dried flowers In case of shortage of flower material, the use of flower material will be adjusted moderately without affecting the style and color system. //storage method// ❤Dried flowers and non-withered flowers should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment, avoiding moisture or direct sunlight, it is recommended to regularly dehumidify to prolong the life of the flowers. (Dry flowers can be regularly sprayed with 90% pure alcohol for disinfection) ❤ The dust that has been placed for a long time can be gently brushed off with a small brush or blown with cold air from a hair dryer. ❤ If the dried flower is moldy, you can gently wipe the mold with alcohol and leave it to evaporate. If there is a lot of mold, you must remove the moldy flowers to avoid affecting other flowers. ❤ A well-preserved dried flower can be left for months or even years, but it will naturally weather and fade over time, which is a natural phenomenon. // what is non-withered flower // The non-withered flower originated from the beautiful flower capital of Paris, which was later spread to Japan. The Japanese who are proficient in floral art further studied the non-withered flower that can be stored for a long time. With the advancement of technology, flowers are processed through special procedures such as dehydration, fading, drying, and non-toxic dyeing. Non-withered flowers can show many colors that nature cannot produce naturally. The appearance is the same as the color, feel and flowers. Each flower is made of a real flower, keeping the shape of the real flower, so the size will not be exactly the same. Not withered flowers not only retain the characteristics of flowers, but also can retain their value for a longer time. Non-withered flowers will gradually change color and status due to temperature, humidity, and time. This is also the charm of non-withered flowers! #Parmi les Fleurs #FLOWER PRIVATE CUSTOM STUDIO flower. Instructions for ordering with Flower Studio First of all, thank you for choosing flowers. With flower art, we will customize the flower gift for you Please be patient to understand the following instructions ❤ Flowers. Banhuayi Studio is an individual business. All flower gifts are handmade by hand. It takes about 7-10 working days. The delivery time is about 1-2 working days, and the convenience store pick-up time is about 2-3 working days. The actual arrival date is mainly based on the time of the shipping company. Buyers are requested to order early to avoid delays. ❤ Flowers. In order to avoid collision during the shipping process, the products will be carefully packaged before being sent. It is inevitable that some flowers will fall during the shipping process. It is normal. If there is any damage after receiving the flower gift, please take a picture and contact us immediately to deal with it. ❤ The photos are taken from real products, but the electronic screens and products will still have a slight color difference. Do not place an order if you care. ❤ Due to the hand-made and flower type, it cannot be the same as the photo. In case of shortage of flower materials, the use of flower materials will be adjusted appropriately under the condition of unchanged color system and style. ❤ If you need to write a card, please provide a simple package in the remarks of the order. If you need a delicate package (eg, wedding), please know by private message. ❤ You can customize your favorite color system according to this design and make your own unique flower gift. Please click "Contact Designer" to contact us Finally, thank you for your patience. Sincerely hope that you give us feedback and encouragement after purchase.


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