[Year of the Year] Xingyue series of grass dyed blue dye / batik multi-function square scarf - Yue Xiang Feng Lu

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The moon phase pattern drawn by the batik is dyed in blue.


Fasti Studio

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[Year of the Year] Xingyue series of grass dyed blue dye / batik multi-function square scarf - Yue Xiang Feng Lu


"Star Moon" series of batik products There are three types of "Star", "Moon Phase" and "Constellation". The third paragraph "Constellation" can be customized, please see below for details. .................................................................. Mid-autumn period Buy [Year of the Stars and Stars Square] and [Qingkui Street Small Gift Box] combination set Can enjoy a discount of 240 yuan for the combined price and shipping Square towel style can be arbitrarily selected ..................................................................... ingredient: 100% cotton Plant Dyes: Sapphire Pattern: Batik Square size: 60cm*60cm 2. Moon Phases https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/2340908250/TB26Tl3Xqi5V1BjSszcXXaDLXXa_!!2340908250.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i3/2340908250/TB2Izh7Xp95V1Bjy0FfXXXvlFXa_!!2340908250.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i2/2340908250/TB2StV7Xp95V1Bjy0FgXXc2vFXa_!!2340908250.jpg https://img.alicdn.com/imgextra/i1/2340908250/TB2ScV6Xp55V1Bjy0FjXXbikXXa_!!2340908250.jpg Very important: [grass dyeing instructions] *Please use the normal temperature brine for 30 minutes when cleaning for the first time. It may be normal to start the water. * Please clean the color and use a neutral detergent (such as shower gel); * Do not use clips to clamp the clothes while drying, otherwise fading may occur at the clips; * Please dry in a cool place to avoid sun exposure. [about smell] Blue dye, because the dye is made by fermentation The dyeing liquid itself has a strong smell The dyeing tanks vary from place to place, and the smell is even different. Therefore, blue dyed products will also have this smell at first. According to the feedback we received Some people think the smell is a bit stinky. Some people like it very much and think it is a plant fragrance. And ask if this taste can be kept? Here is the unified answer: Whether you hate it or like it It will disappear after one or two thorough cleanings Will not stay on the fabric [About grass dyeing] Grass wood dyeing is the extraction of color from natural plants, Chinese herbal medicines, flowers, vegetables and tea. A traditional technique for dyeing fabrics. Plant dyes are taken from mountains and rivers, Due to seasonality, time, climate, and geographical factors The extracted dyes are rendered in different shades without absolute repetition. Real grass dyeing, with the power of nature itself, Adapt to the changes in the four seasons, and act according to the seasons. The dyed color is a living, living color. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Xiamen handmade Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Xiamen handmade


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