Storage bags | Yan Lei, Qunchuan, rice straw, concealed, tundra

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Fresh bags as commuter lunch bags, holiday picnic bags leisure, buy fresh food shopping bags are very suitable.



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Storage bags | Yan Lei, Qunchuan, rice straw, concealed, tundra


(Cloth design does not provide a small amount or a single piece of customized service)

Very sense building blocks series of fresh-keeping bags, square shape, easy to display,
Even if not full of items, but also stand straight and stable on the plane.

Fresh bag size specially designed into 6 bottles easy to open cans, will be just a good capacity,
As a commuter lunch bag, holiday picnic bags are very suitable,
Is also a good partner to go out with mothers,
Not only can replace plastic bags, but also very chic!

Into the fruit box, 470ml accompanying cup, a 450ml beverage, there is room to put!

Outside can also put cutlery

【Storage bags can also be more than just fresh bags
Designer especially recommended:
"Having just spent the first Mother's Day as a mother, baby's must-have items are full of variety,
Storage bags let me go out when the bottles and jars put together, and even can be placed in 6 bottles of milk bottles, the space is very good use, and now even more wallet, mobile phone put together in the bag before and after the bag, I Will put the card and key leisure travel directly as a bag to use! "

Product Description
Outer double-sided fabric cloth are used to design classic cloth flowers, and plain fabric production,
Products designed by the designer of the fabric, the use of the same piece of fabric, due to the different cutting parts,
And with different colors and combinations, but also increase the uniqueness and value of each product.

Double open zipper design, so take, place the items are very convenient.
Storage bags on both sides of the outside have storage layer (open pocket, the devil felt can be closed)
Can be placed in cutlery, stainless steel straws and other flat items.

Inside the bag has a cold layer to extend the food preservation time.
The actual test: fresh bags placed indoors without air condition, the package put a can of beer just out from the refrigerator, about 3 hours to open the storage bag, the beverage is still showing a cool state, to provide buyers with reference.
(Non-refrigerated bags, so fresh food, cooked food or recommended as soon as possible to avoid deterioration!)

No stratification in the bag, for the free use of users, display.

► cloth flowers control
*** Goods due to the relationship between the design of the fabric pattern, each looks very different, please buyers need to know about this feature, and then place an order, thank you!**

1. Yan Lei

2. Sichuan

Rice paddy

4. Concealed

5. Tundra

► Product Size (size ± 1cm is normal)
18cm x 25cm x 15.5cm.

► Washing instructions:
If the bag inside to dip soup, drinks and other liquids, available rag wipe, if splashed for a large area, you can directly use red water. In order to maintain the appearance of stiff type, not recommended machine wash.
Cloth use cold water or room temperature water cleaning, if the surface is dirty, you can use bath milk or shampoo gently rub, and then wash with water, do not use the brush brushed hard. If the product parts with metal and leather parts, please avoid cleaning. Products are refined bags, reduce the number of cleaning, you can increase the useful life of the product.

Made in Taiwan handmade
Made in Taiwan / handmade / Limited Edition

[Intimate reminder]
1. The color difference of the photo has been adjusted to the minimum, the color of the product will still be inaccurate due to different computer screen settings; and due to the different lighting of the shooting environment, the colors will be slightly different. Each batch of fabric printed on how many will have color differences, buyers understand acceptable before buying.
2. Cloth design does not provide a small amount or a single piece of customized service.
3. Each freight includes the commodity finishing, hand packaging and logistics staff handling costs.
4.If you have any questions about the product, please ask before placing the order to make payment Oh!
✉ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


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