Pet Comfortable Safety Collar Safety Buckle Collar (Cat Collar/Dog Collar)-Pink Flower (Out of Stock)

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◆Lightweight and smaller safety buckle ◆The material is soft and comfortable ◆The fabric and the bell can be customized, please private message the designer :) ◆There is also a white clover silent pendant to choose


Elain Studio for Pets

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Pet Comfortable Safety Collar Safety Buckle Collar (Cat Collar/Dog Collar)-Pink Flower (Out of Stock)


**The function of safety buckle collar** When the hairy baby runs and jumps at home, if the collar is hooked,__force pulls the collar buckle to open it to loosen the__to prevent the collar from being hooked and unable to break free, causing the neck and trachea to be caught in a dangerous situation. . 【Customized Instructions】 **-Fabric** ▽ pink flowers ▽ **-Bell** ▽ Plum blossom bell-pink ▽ ◆ <I don't like ringtones> White clover shape**silent charm**optional ◆ You can also choose not to match the bell, which can be discounted to 30 yuan for the collar (The hook ring of the neck ring can be reserved for you, and you can equip yourself with name tags, etc.) ◆ The volume of the bell is different due to different shapes, the following bells are from small to large (Silent) White Clover Silent Charm (Small) Sakura Bell,**Plum Flower Bell (this model)**, Cross Bell (Middle) Hydrangea bells, plum bells, cherry bells, acorn bells (Large) Clover Round Bell< Large Round Bell **-Order time and description** ◆ The collars are all handmade by the designer ◆ Hand-made is more time-consuming, and the production time is five working days to complete the next day. ◆ The size can be fine-tuned (please discuss with the message designer) ◆ General buckle collar for dogs can be customized (no safety buckle) **Photo reference for wearing the same style (different color fabric from the store)** 【Neckband characteristics】 __Safety clasp__ Lightweight and smaller than normal buckles, the collar will open if it is hooked (safety mechanism) __Bells__ Exquisite hand-painted bells can be used to replace the favorite styles in the design hall __Hardware buckle__ Strict selection of lightweight and exquisite day rings and mouth rings made in foreign countries, making the overall weight of the collar lighter and more textured than ordinary plastic buckles __Make__ No extra heavy lining material is added to prevent the collar material from being too hard and thick, causing uncomfortable wearing or rubbing the skin. 【Material introduction】 Cloth\\ **from Korea** Soft and comfortable flannel Fine fiber, soft material Bells\\ **From Japan** Hand painted, fine workmanship 【Style】 \\Safety buckle collar\\ ※**Reference for other fabric styles** Style reference map↓ 【size】 S number Collar range: 19-32cm Width: 1cm S size is approximately suitable for: kittens, adult cats, small dogs ※ The size can be customized and adjusted, if necessary, please private message design hall :) 【Precautions】 ◆The photo may have color difference with the actual product ◆The collar can be cleaned with a soft brush or hand gently, do not soak for a long time ◆This is a hand-made work. Due to factors such as fabric area and hand-made conditions, each work may not be exactly the same as the photo. There will be slight differences ◆It is recommended that the wearing width is enough to leave a finger space ◆Please observe the baby's adaptation status for the first time wearing. If you are not suitable for wearing the collar (such as kicking and biting the collar, etc.), it is not recommended to wear it when unattended, please use it carefully. ◆Cats are recommended to choose a safety buckle collar The safety collar is designed for cats when jumping, if the collar is hooked by an obstacle, the safety buckle will be pulled and opened to let the collar fall to avoid being hooked and causing danger. Please note that the safety buckle needs a certain amount of force to be pulled. ◆If the baby does not like or adapt to the ringtone, it is recommended to choose a silent pendant or not with a bell ◆The most important thing to wear a collar is comfortable and adaptable. If you don’t adapt, please use it carefully. Slowly desensitize your baby. Wear it for a long time after adapting. Safety is the most important thing :)


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