Flower Design! [The Goddess of the Earth-Demete] Potted flowers, dried flowers, table flowers opened

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[The Goddess of the Earth-Demete] The opening of the dried flower table flower


The Flower Company

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Flower Design! [The Goddess of the Earth-Demete] Potted flowers, dried flowers, table flowers opened


✱**Introduction to the main look system** **Goddess of the Earth-Demeter / Ceres** https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/3dSHzTEf3uIP9vqN_OmZcnPiXB0eIwp3sh7D3uZKdFss90tqSwv2iNEj6k4KCIlwYUHFkBb25vQMa68TdLtbP54EUx-5nTZJac9EpI5MhKgAZeypqa1UEIMKLdtjRk0L3iKtGc1bWs0XYQPIRHCjcnyC9xDLCg5YSUUigaWSiuD0TytfgIpcW62I9JyLMpT8Gb7nfIe6fJG96SIO2NHNZmlf-Xg55eq7BkV2lhbBXoYKHa4IF6mhrF8TUR0X08-i-zDQMSU0o95bz6M9XE-Rde55qzXdZhgWh16iCKcKJQBkSNjhJmdnV-QQyejTqam_L5FZRe1LKQ3IV1i86y2HQWl6z5LEorraDfoqv2rbmfkCAQ-weVyE7UzjPb_2O-Pw2p4Lb7pUQ4PWk2SC2QuMj4Z2vW4EY8whnWr2aYec2tohfCNtjzt4-P-r5w3sKHUjxzFCnPaooMmX4PqBH-k5l_DDUryGLYPkHWGTjYSZ0sm5DsKDOdqpQwkVI5IEUmxKYpHz_KWhR7W0f6BjH4p4YQJFFuSv1A2b79fJX3DRcT9WPeGqF9W06PJOENICiyBfT57deFuTbcGOEDHukrj5090wWyEb-lw9wFoGrmrNxSaQAPuxXiNVV33Z6b7EojobmssGRIqdFzMnbJ7Bvx2ORa48o6u-aVHDkt-fHFWcYanoYRzB9PTboIkqOdIajg=w600-h920-no?authuser=0?.jpg Dimit is the goddess of the earth and the harvest, She gave life to the earth, taught humans to farm, At the same time she is also the goddess of justice. She represents the inner strength of the earth, abundance and nourishment, It is a symbol of gentle but strong and powerful. Demeter is a kind-hearted woman, She is not only full of soft light, It also gives us natural concentration and comfort She wears a ring-shaped crown woven from golden wheat ears, Sometimes the hand holds wheat ears, daffodils, torches, fruit baskets, horns of abundance or sickles. Her holy bird is a crane, and her holy animal is a sow. Flower language: gentle, kind, loving Color series: yellow, white, brown Corresponding constellation: Taurus **✱Product introduction** TFC potted flowers Flower gift full of sincerity Suitable to be placed in a comfortable and clean space, corridor, and entrance Can also be used as opening ceremony, congratulation gift Let the flower art accompany us in our free time There are more opportunities to stop and appreciate and rest ✱**Size** (The products are all handmade and measured, and some slight errors are acceptable.) S pot flower Width: about 12cm Height: about 12cm M potted flowers Width: about 25cm Height: about 25cm ✱**care** * The flowers are all matched with dried flowers and immortal flowers. The best viewing period for dried flowers is about 3-6 months, and immortal flowers are 2-3 years. * Keep the environment ventilated to avoid sultry heat and direct sunlight. * Different flower materials will also affect the storage days due to factors such as season, environment, temperature, and sunlight. * If there is dust, please use a small brush or hair dryer to gently blow it away. * love him. ✱**Notes** *This product is only available for shipping on the island of Taiwan. * The flowers used in TFC are all natural species, and it is inevitable that there will be wrinkles or small spots. We will try our best to eliminate it during production, but we cannot guarantee 100% perfection. If you are very concerned, please do not subscribe to purchase. * The photos are all real products, because they are all handmade and the shapes, sizes and postures of the flowers are different. So there is no way to be exactly the same as the product photos, but we are guaranteed to give you the same style and atmosphere design as the photos. *In case of shortage of flowers, packaging materials, flowers, and materials, Will use the most suitable collocation for the design, but the overall color feeling is the main. *The transportation of floral products may cause transportation risks and some flower pieces may fall off, which is a normal phenomenon. *If there is serious damage after receiving the flower gift, please contact us by private message within 24hr. TFC will handle it for you according to the situation, and will not be accepted after the time.


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