| MC | Original Design of Silk Woven Grape Necklace

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Love all natural materials and believe in all things It ’s good to simply wear them on your body



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| MC | Original Design of Silk Woven Grape Necklace


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49693219496_95e7991ffa_b.jpg Design resurrected for 19 years Simple. Classic. .................................................. ............................. Ms Children Design 2019. Spring Silk. Necklace | Undecorated | Love all natural materials and believe in all things It ’s good to simply wear them on your body A carefully crafted necklace with natural small moonstone and small silver beads Two-color silk thread is chic in simplicity | Material | Fine Grape Stone + 100% Silk Grape stone: 16 * 12mm | Size | Necklace / clavicle chain 38cm-42cm (925 silver buckle extension chain 2cm) | Introduction | Grapevine is a silicate mineral, usually they appear in the igneous rock cavity, the color from light green to gray. If anyone who pays attention to gemstones knows that natural green gemstones are relatively rare, grapevine is a more economical choice. Although it is not dark green, it is elegant and light green, watery and transparent, which is very suitable for spring and summer! 1. Grape stone can make people's thinking clear and improve intuition. In the modern era of information flooding, grape stone can guide you to choose the most suitable path. 2. It can promote blood circulation, has the effect of beauty and beauty, it is very suitable for women to wear, it can increase personal charm, and can also strengthen the fortune of the business and consolidate the aura of wealth. 3. The grape stone is very suitable for people who need meditation, meditation, and deep self subconsciousness. The light energy emitted can penetrate the self and resolve the self-stubborn thoughts. 4. Meditation with grape stone can strengthen the immune system and reduce illness, and grape stone has a significant effect on the heart and lungs. The magnet of the connotation also makes the energy stronger, the wealth is prosperous, and it brings new hope and confidence in life. Create new opportunities. 5. Long-term wearing of grape stones can eliminate the negative emotions caused by frustration, can enhance perseverance and improve patience, and guide you to achieve your goals. 6. The grape stone has the effect of warding off evil spirits. When you are dissatisfied with the status quo, you can wear the grape stone to eliminate arrogance, change the negative energy field around you, bring good luck, and become a body stone that is not violated by external forces. 7. The pressure of competition in modern society is great. People are often in a state of tension, fatigue, and stress. The calm energy of grapevine can relieve these pressures and maintain balance and stability in mind and body. | Customizable | Customized about 3-7 working days (depending on the complexity of the style) Can also be customized by guests | Maintenance | Silk pride please be gentle Avoid sharp objects and avoid friction Can be gently washed with neutral detergent Rinse clean water and place in a ventilated place to dry naturally https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/33816206968_b010206c47_b.jpg brand introduction 【Naked stone. Earth】 Love all natural materials and believe in all things. Minerals, crystals, and microorganisms are all gleaming spirits. They sleep silently on the ground until they are discovered and attracted by their charm. It's not just that we are choosing minerals. In the meantime, minerals are also choosing us. [Designer] I am obsessed with the process from zero to one. Unlike gold and silver with fixed value, seemingly ordinary wire, but through the editor's free consciousness, weaving and changing, the wire walking between the fingertips burst into a new life. The wire material reflects the energy of the editor, combined with the natural energy of the bare stone, the work gives the unique life. The more complex the style, the more the editor's energy is condensed, and its own fullness, goodness and sincerity are more important. May we be naturally beautiful, sincere and kind.


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