Exclusive-Skin-friendly Perfume Cream 3 into 15gx3-Aroma optional Take a Snooze

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Choose your favorite fragrance, please leave a message / note after ordering and give us 3 favorite fragrances! The classic Taiwan handmade skin-friendly fragrance balm, using unilateral essential oils to modulate the aroma, the ingredients are simple and



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Exclusive-Skin-friendly Perfume Cream 3 into 15gx3-Aroma optional Take a Snooze


Taking a break is for accomplishing a longer journey.-Taking a break is for a longer journey. It is what we hope to give you, let us tell you the story with aroma. — Smell is the most easily overlooked among the five senses. Many people don't care about the aroma. The aroma can transform depression, make the mood peaceful, different aromas can create different emotions, and can make people confident. The aroma is subjective, so we have prepared different aromas, using unilateral essential oils as the base, with simple ingredients and no burden on use. Use top moisturizing oils — Add jojoba oil, which is rich in minerals and vitamins A, D, E, and F to provide sufficient skin protection. Shea butter and sweet almond oil effectively moisturize and help cell regeneration and promote blood circulation. Product specifications- Original Price $ 380x3 Capacity | Approximately 15g Ingredients | Sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, beeswax, fragrance essential oil Order | 3 days after order Origin | Taiwan Duration | Shade for 1 year No added fragrance, plasticizer, animal ingredients, paraffin ingredients, stabilizers. Purchase the supplied packaging. If you need a small card, you can fill it in the order note! 100% Made in Taiwan https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49164094902_aa6cd57e44_b.jpg Instructions for balm— In addition to the aroma, the balm can be added to the top oil to moisturize the skin. It can be applied on the edge of the finger as the edge cream. Office workers often blow cold air, which is easy to freeze and dry their hands and feet. The balm can be used on the dry parts of hands and feet. Jojoba oil is rich in minerals and vitamins A, D, E, and F. It can provide sufficient skin care. You can also apply the balm to your wrists, behind your ears, or chest as a balm. With Take a Snooze, you can make the fragrance last longer and mix it with different fragrance sprays. Because the ingredients of the balm are natural and no coagulant is added, if it is dissolved in the sun for a long time, it may cause dissolution. It is normal. Just place the balm in a cool place to solidify. [Note] If you have any discomfort such as skin redness, irritation, etc. after use, please stop using it immediately. And ask the dermatologist for instructions, thank you. — Aroma Introduction — No.1 Thin incense USUKOH Clear fruity notes Main notes: white grapefruit, white musk Aroma daily ●●●●● Unique aroma ●● ○○○ Elegant aroma ●●●● ○ Strong aroma ● ○○○○ Fresh and elegant white fragrance, white grapefruit is the most popular fragrance in Japan at present, coupled with undefeated white musk, fresh and elegant fragrance, comfortable and gentle, like the aroma of a thin white shirt just after taking a shower, slightly damp and elegant and refreshing Clean and elegant for you. It can be used in any season, and it is not obtrusive every day. No.2 Red Plum KOHBAI European and American tea notes Main notes: cranberries, figs Aroma daily ●● ○○○ Unique aroma ●●●●● Light fragrance ● ○ ○ ○ ○ Strong aroma ●●● ○○ Sweet, like black tea with sugar added, a little elegant and a little classic, the red ripe berries add figs with a little leaf aroma, set off an elegant and sweet tea aroma, suitable for people who are unique and sweet. The most popular aroma in Europe and America, the sweet black tea aroma, is unique and full of femininity. No.3 wool WOOL Floral pillow notes Main notes: cotton, honey Aroma daily ●●●● ○ Unique aroma ●●● ○○ Elegant aroma ●●● ○○ Strong aroma ●● ○○○ A comfortable bedroom with a large bed of pink and orange softness, which makes people trapped in softness and comfort. The cotton aroma is warm and soft, and the floral aroma mixed with sweet honey is suitable for you who are comfortable and warm. Let you have a good cup of hot tea in bed and read a good book without disturbing companion aroma. Pinkoi's best selling aroma is very suitable for pillow aroma and dating. The soft floral fragrance does not lose the feminine flavor. No.4 Sprout Watery Fruity Main notes: gherkin, bamboo Aroma daily ●●● ○○ Unique aroma ●●●● ○ Elegant aroma ●●●● ○ Strong aroma ●● ○○○ Cheerful and fresh, with a slight smile when I first smell it, a familiar aroma with moisture, green scent, and bright and soft cucumber with bamboo leaves. There is no gender distinction, and it is a bamboo forest just after heavy rain. , Occasionally dripping rain water, clean and cheerful green fragrance, suitable for you who like to immerse in nature. Full of watery, sunny green fruits, it is also very versatile to rub the fragrance, which can make the aroma clear! No.6 Sakura SAKURA Transparent floral notes Main notes: cherry blossom, white tea Aroma daily ●●●●● Unique aroma ● ○○○○ Elegant aroma ●●●●● Strong aroma ● ○○○○ Light pink, bright and clean, the morning is bright and windy, with the light curtains flowing in the morning breeze, the fragrance of pink flowers is scattered, and the wind of some fresh leaves in spring, the white tea makes the overall fragrance brighter and clear To give you transparency and clarity. Take a Snooze, who has been standing firmly in the top five for a while, savours the hot selling aromas, and the bright and transparent aromas that will never go wrong for gifts for personal use. No.7 Misty Rose Misty floral notes Main notes: peach, rose, rosewood Aroma daily ●●●●● Unique aroma ●●●● ○ Light fragrance ●● ○○○ Strong aroma ●●● ○○ Slightly flowery, with mystery, self-confidence, not easy to touch, has its own principles, we like this girl, despite her unique personality, she still brings the sweetness of the girl, not just ordinary roses, blend The sweet rosewood, with a misty overall shape, is suitable for you with unique personality. The misty floral scent, with some sweet peach blossoms, is the best-selling aroma in winter. Kneading the fragrance can add a floral scent, which is very easy to use. No. 8 楝 OUCHI Steady wood tone Main notes: bitter orange leaves, lavender, patchouli Aroma daily ●● ○○○ Unique aroma ●●●●● Light fragrance ● ○ ○ ○ ○ Strong aroma ●●●●● Main notes: bitter orange leaves, lavender, patchouli The damp soil of the forest, with a little aroma of leaves, approaching the nearby woods during the leisure time in the evening, smelling a damp natural aroma, and the lavender found by chance makes the overall aroma soft and warm, suitable for the natural aroma before bedtime , For you who like the calm aroma of wood. The solid woody aroma of the soil brings some bitterness to the mature aroma to add maturity. Spraying on the quilt before bed makes the room more sleepy. No.9 Nikko SUNNY Woody Fruity Main notes: lemon verbena, bergamot, vetiver Aroma daily ●●● ○○ Unique aroma ●● ○○○ Elegant aroma ●●● ○○ Strong aroma ●● ○○○ The green orchard aroma of the lemon orchard, with a sweet fruity aroma and fresh green leaves, picks lemons in the sun, and the sweet and slightly sour flavours are scattered. It is the first choice to give people a refreshing and bright breath in summer, and to those who like clear fruity. The first choice for herbal aromas is the clean and refreshing lemon verbena, which makes the overall aroma very comfortable. Kneading the aroma can add lemon aroma! No.10 Baby Smile Soft sweet fruit notes Main Notes: Pear, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Aroma daily ●●●●● Unique aroma ●●● ○○ Elegant aroma ●●● ○○ Strong aroma ●● ○○○ Some people say this is a familiar scent. It seems to have been touched when they were little babies. It takes warm home as the main axis. After a long day of hard work, it is comfortable and warm to return home with a sweet fruity fragrance. Too sweet, overall warm and comfortable, suitable for anytime, anywhere, for you who like warm aroma. (No.10 Baby Smile Baby Smile This fragrance uses allergen-free essential oils, no problem with pets and children at home!) No.11 Blue sea pine AIMIRU Neat ocean tone c Main notes: sea salt, Ji Ling, pine and cypress Aroma daily ●●●●● Unique aroma ●●● ○○ Elegant aroma ●●●● ○ Strong aroma ●●● ○○ Stepping on the tidal sea water on the beach, after playing with tiredness, the sand sticks on the skin with the sea breeze and returns to the log cabin to rest, make a cup of hot chamomile tea, and watch the magazine on the turquoise sofa, neutral Charming aroma, for the calm and still innocent you. Take a Snooze Take a look at the aroma that is sold at the first place in the physical store. The aroma will be loved by men, women and children! No.12 Coral Girly Floral Scent Main notes: peony, camellia, white musk Aroma daily ●●●●● Unique aroma ●● ○○○ Elegant aroma ●●●● ○ Strong aroma ●● ○○○ Elegant orange camellia hangs on the warm orange wall, pink peony is adorned with beige tassel tablecloths, blowing the warm floral fragrance of the sun, drinking sweet fruit tea in the warm afternoon, eating sweet fruit cake with friends, a beautiful and happy smile For you with a beautiful smile. If you like the sweet fragrance of the girl, you must not miss it. No.12 balm is also the best selling aroma in the top three! No.15 Fujiba FUJITSUBA Clean forest tone Main notes: iris, guava, needles, green sandalwood Aroma daily ●●●●● Unique aroma ●●●● ○ Elegant aroma ●●●●● Strong aroma ●●● ○○ The fresh aroma of vines and green leaves. If you imagine the woods that have just been playing in the forest in the early morning, the raindrops are still left on the green leaves. The rain is clean and fresh. The woods have the moisture of spring water, and the sweet guava aroma is A vine leaf fragrance that you can breathe deeply with your eyes closed. A new fragrance for autumn and winter. If you like a clean and refreshing forest-like fragrance, you must not miss the clean fragrance. No.16 Linen FLAX Soft floral Main notes: chickpea, gardenia, sunflower, magnolia Aroma daily ●●●●● Unique aroma ●●●● ○ Elegant aroma ●●●●● Strong aroma ● ○○○○ Linen gauze and linen rattan chairs and linen translucent blouses. Imagine that in the cool air-conditioned room, the floor-to-ceiling windows are decorated with beige, and the skin is simply and lightly covered with light-skinned shawls , Like a fake perfume emanating from itself, simple and soft. The new fragrance of autumn and winter, the best choice of fake perfume, the soft floral fragrance similar to the skin, the elegant fragrance that cannot be ignored. 新 New fragrance in February 2020▍ No.13 FLORA Elegant floral notes Lemon, black currant leaves, white roses, Earl Grey tea Aroma daily ●●●●● Unique aroma ●● ○○○ Elegant aroma ●●●● ○ Strong aroma ●● ○○○ FLORA means naive, pure, fearless, transparent and clean white fragrance, like wearing white lace pajamas, came to the garden in the morning and stepped on the crisp turf, with light white petals with dew rain, clean lemon aroma and black The elegant berry aroma of gooseberry leaves is embellished, and the clean, transparent and bright aroma of white roses is like an afternoon appointment with a lover. The carefully dressed time looks forward to the afternoon time of the two who are full of aroma of tea. No.14 earl earl Spicy woody Coffee, black pepper, Johor Bahru, Earl Grey tea Aroma daily ●● ○○○ Unique aroma ●●● ○○ Light fragrance ● ○ ○ ○ ○ Strong aroma ●●●●● EARL British gentleman, respected and loved by the world, always has a slight smell of tobacco and coffee, sometimes wearing wool coats, sometimes shirts and sleeves, but always keep the clothes of the tie straight, the smell of fragrance makes you feel the earl A sense of distance that cannot be climbed, solid wood and slightly tobacco leather have a high-cold atmosphere, but it is still gentle to the beloved. The tea time is always a promise to the lover when the appointment is made in advance. EARL had been drinking the Count of Hot with a slight smile waiting for an afternoon date. — The fragrance formulations are all designed and formulated for Take a Snoozea. If you have any questions, please ask us. I hope you can find the fragrance you like. I wish you a good day :) Take a Snooze take a look at all products Made in Taiwan. [Note] If you have any discomfort such as skin redness, irritation, etc. after use, please stop using it immediately. And ask the dermatologist for instructions, thank you.


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