05/16 · Aromatic Forest-Hairy Kids and Family Medicine Aromatherapy-Essential Oil Lotion and Cream DIY

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How to make an essential oil aromatherapy lotion, cream, gel for hairy kids and children
16/05/2020 (ส.
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ไต้หวัน / Taipei City
台北市松江路 2 號 12 樓之 8( 瓜媽手作教室 )
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05/16 · Aromatic Forest-Hairy Kids and Family Medicine Aromatherapy-Essential Oil Lotion and Cream DIY


Fragrance Forest-Hairy Kids and Family Medicine Aromatherapy-Essential Oil Lotion and Cream DIY ▶ Course topics https://scentforest.weebly.com/uploads/1/1/0/5/11055104/published/1178773118.jpg?1569234747 Established [Japan JMAA Medical Aromatherapy Association] for 30 years, it will use medicinal aromatherapy from France and Belgium to conduct scientific experiments with more than 400 Japanese veterinarians. The actual efficacy and safety of the medicine, sorted out the clinical effect of medical aromatherapy, and obtained the formal certification of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan. The medical aromatherapy was included in the discipline, and it was formally applied to the human and pet health management and preventive medicine. Blend natural herbal oils with no side effects, experience the beauty of aromatherapy through the application of the skin and the absorption of fragrances. Through the course, fully understand the use and contraindications of essential oils. They can be used safely on children and children And implement two interesting essential oil gels and sprays ▶ For example: real lavender moisturizing cream, rose grass antibacterial spray (changeable style) PS: Because the designer is busy, I have a class once every two months. Interested friends sign up quickly :) ---------------------------------------------- ------ ▶ Course outline https://scentforest.weebly.com/uploads/1/1/0/5/11055104/2019-9-18-5-31-35_orig.jpg 1 Find the essential oils for your constitution 2 What is Japanese medicine aromatherapy 3 Differences between medical aromatherapy and general aromatherapy 4 Common extraction methods of essential oils 5 How to judge the benchmark and quality of essential oils 6 common essential oil myths 7 Absorption of essential oils, oils and skin 8 what essential oils are safe for pets, pregnant women and babies 9 What kind of essential oils are effective against mosquitoes 10 What kind of essential oils can also be used for oral periodontal disease maintenance 11 How to make a soothing essential oil emulsion for atopic dermatitis 12 How to Make an Essential Oil Toner Spray 13 How to make an essential oil emulsion 14 How to make an essential oil gel 15 DIY two practical essential oil gels and sprays (changeable styles) ---------------------------------------------- ▶ Work reference https://scentforest.weebly.com/uploads/1/1/0/5/11055104/published/2019-9-18-5-13-25_2.jpg?1569234849 Reference style: 2 styles can be freely selected from the following styles :) Lotion: Real Lavender Lotion, Lemon Eucalyptus Deodorant Spray, Rose Grass Antibacterial Spray-Option 1 Gel: Real Lavender Moisturizing Gel / Cream: Real Lavender Moisturizing Cream-Option 1 You can also buy DIY on the spot: top maintenance beauty gel, olive oil periodontal disease toothpaste, etc ... ---------------------------------------------- ------ ▶ Instructor: Xiaoguang Japan JMAACV Pet Aromatherapy Association Certification Raw materials application and product R & D manager of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute Japan JHDSA Pet Handmade Soap Certification Japan WOF Pet Herbal Phytotherapy Certification Qualified Teacher Certification from Taiwan Handmade Soap Promotion Association Founder of Fur Fun Fun Founder of Scent Forest Founder of Pattern Safari ---------------------------------------------- ------ ▶ Time -2.5 hours, Saturday, May 16, 2020, 2: 00-4: 30PM The designer will stay for an additional half an hour. If everyone has any questions, they will answer slowly. ▶ Venue (the site environment is as follows) 8th, 12th Floor, No. 2, Songjiang Road, Taipei City (Gua Ma Handmade Classroom) MRT Station: Exit 3 of Yunsongjiang Nanjing Station, or Exit 4 of Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station. It takes about 8 minutes on foot Parking: Parking nearby Nearby attractions: Guanghua Mall ▶ Finished product https://scentforest.weebly.com/uploads/1/1/0/5/11055104/2019-9-18-5-02-33_orig.jpg -Basic Handout X 1 -Lotion DIY X 1 -Gel or Cream DIY X 1 -Designer Hairy Mousse Soap X1 (coming soon) -Japanese medicine aromatherapy related knowledge -Includes product packaging, suitable for friends with babies and hair children at home! ▶ Fee -Cost $ 800 per person / $ 1400 discount for two persons -Fees include: venue fee, teacher fee, site tools, lecture fee, material fee, PS: Two people traveling together can send one person to register. You can choose, please choose the option of two people traveling for $ 1400 :) ▶ Supplement https://scentforest.weebly.com/uploads/1/1/0/5/11055104/eqxe7bu-1-orig_2_orig.jpg This venue is not suitable for children with fur Everyone is welcome to bring back the works after the event and give them back to the designer. ---------------------------------------------- ------ ▶ Frequently Asked Questions Q: Can finished products be used by adults, children, pregnant women, and fur children? A: Confrontation! It's like lavender lotion, rosegrass antibacterial agent, lemon eucalyptus mosquito spray, these are all pupae that adults, children, pregnant women, and fur children can safely use. As for anything that requires special attention in use, it will be explained once in class. Q: Can finished cats and dogs be used? A: Yes, in fact, there are many rumors about essential oils on the market. What are the essential oils that children can use? Japanese medicine aromatherapy uses a very scientific method, using a gas chromatograph to analyze the essential oils to the smallest chemical composition, and studying which are the essential oils that can be safely used. And in cooperation with more than 400 Japanese veterinary associations, clinically used formulas that can be safely used on hairy children will be used to teach everyone. Q: Can I bring hairy children to class? A: At present, the venue is not suitable for children with fur. Q: I hope I can make more than two works, can I? A: If you want to make more styles, you can also use the on-site purchase method to make one at a time. Q: No time to go to class? Can I buy works directly? Gel, emulsion? Or handmade soap? https://www.scentforest.com/uploads/1/1/0/5/11055104/published/dmqrcode.jpg?1567492459 A: Yes, if you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. Line: @scentforest In addition, we are about to launch a natural liquid mousse soap recently. It is estimated that we will cooperate with Taiwan's largest fund-raising platform-啧啧 at the end of the year. And we are now in the pre-market survey questionnaire. If you are free, you are invited to fill out the questionnaire. Those who fill out the questionnaire have the opportunity to try it out before Mao Shuangshuang-Mousse soap is officially listed! (Please scan the QR Code above) Q: Any other questions? A: We welcome any private messages, we will answer your questions as soon as possible, and add on the webpage :) ---------------------------------------------- ------ ▶ Related courses Fragrance Forest ・ Dogs and Cats Handmade Soap ・ Base Soap ▶ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/xgv6iq7E Use materials suitable for hairy children to make his own handmade soap https://www.scentforest.com/uploads/1/1/0/5/11055104/published/852926201_1.jpg




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