Custom painting / Thermos thermos thermos

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⭐Order a custom-made painting series product, you can place a design fee once and apply the same pattern to other products, so you don't need to charge a second design fee!



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Custom painting / Thermos thermos thermos

รายละเอียดสินค้า 💛 See more Love series of custom painting products, give a gift as a combination ~ full of hearts ♥ ➜ ➜ ➜ ➜The store also has a service for simply designing portraits! 💛 Material and matters needing attention: ➜SUS # 304 stainless steel vacuum insulation structure ➜Bouncing on the cover ➜Do not use steel brush, vegetable melon cloth, etc. to scrub the outer layer of the can body to avoid the paint falling off ➜ Do not fill carbonated drinks, milk, etc. (Avoid dangers such as the upper cover cannot be opened or the contents are ejected due to rising internal pressure / avoid fermentation and spoilage of beverages) ➜ Do not put acidic beverages, such as lemon juice, plum juice, etc. (Avoid corrosive damage to products by acid drinks) 💡 How to buy? (1) Place an order ❶ Choose the capacity of the thermos you want + [design fee] order ❷ If you need to draw more than three people, you need to purchase $ 150 (the pet is also considered as one person) (Draw a four-person photo plus purchase once, draw a five-person photo plus purchase twice, and so on ~) (2) Click on the small mailbox in the upper right corner to leave a message to me with the following information ❶ Photos that I want to customize (Small suggestion: If you have a pair of clothes that will match each other, it will be cute ~) ❷ What text do you want to write (optional) Can write Chinese / English / Korean / Japanese ❸ The background color you want, or it can be worn by the small buns according to the photos to help you match (3) Complete payment 💰 The electronic file confirmation will be sent back within 5 days after the payment is completed, please pay attention to the message in the small mailbox ⚠️ Customization cannot be arranged without reply after sending the electronic file⚠️ (4) After confirming the correctness, please ask the manufacturer to make 💡 How long can I get it? The ordering time takes about 7 working days, please be patient! The manufacturer's production day is "2 ~ 3 working days", and the package will be shipped within 2 days after the order is completed ✨ ⚠️Can't receive urgent urgent items ~ Very embarrassed, each guest's picture is drawn very carefully, I don't want to make a mess in order to hurry! In addition, it takes time for the manufacturer to make and post-ship logistics delivery, so to give gifts needs to be at least two weeks in advance. The most insurance ⚠️ 💛 If you have any needs and questions, you can tap the mailbox and knock on me 💌 | Small steamed buns |


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