Suede beret hat-pumpkin orange (the price does not include the hat clip) (please private message for customized hats)

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French style + classical eight petals + beret + Japanese wear



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Suede beret hat-pumpkin orange (the price does not include the hat clip) (please private message for customized hats)


Soft suede, classic eight petals, fluffy feel Show the restrained style of classical beauty We provide a small service for everyone who loves hats: (this service will charge an additional 80 yuan, please contact us if you need this service, we will open a store to place an order for you, thank you~) **Wearing a beret is very beautiful, and your manners are elegant, but when encountering strong winds, you have to chase the hat madly, and the image is lost QAQ** **No problem, as long as you install a small hat clip, you can solve it!** 1. Generally, we will sew the hat clip on the inner cloth of the hat, near the "bangs" or the "front of the head" position. You can first choose the position where the hat clip should be fixed according to your hat wearing habits. 2. Flip the cap clip to the left and right, the teeth will be tilted, put the tilted teeth on the hair lightly, pull back the cap, you can firmly fix the hat on the hair! (If you want to take off the hat, you just open the cap clip. Don't pull it hard. When the cap is clamped to the hair, don't have trouble with your hair XD) 3. With the cap clip fixed, the hat is super stable~ You are not afraid of the wind blowing, you can continue to be a hat person with a calm temperament and perfect score~ Head circumference of hat: 60cm (can be worn from 58 to 60cm) Material: Suede Maintenance method: If there is a small dirt that needs to be cleaned, it is recommended to rub it with water for partial cleaning. Please try to see if there is any fading or residue on the edge of the hat before using any detergent. If there is any, it is not recommended to use it. To protect the stiffness of the cap, it is not machine washable, only hand wash. **Precautions** From making patterns, selecting fabrics, cutting, and sewing, all are handmade, and the number of products is limited. The photo shooting has tried to restore the color of the fabric. However, due to different ambient light, the special luster of the fabric itself, and the difference in display on different screens, there may be color differences. The head circumference size can be customized, please contact us first, we will discuss in detail with you, and then open a private store to place an order for you. After the order is placed, the head circumference size cannot be changed, and the size cannot be modified after the customized product is sold. Please note. Thank you for reading~


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