[Sumi-e Post Card] Hideyoshi Toyotomi

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[Sumi-e Post Card] Hideyoshi Toyotomi


And Samurai and historical figures of Japan we have expressed in the sumi-e. Sumi-e original will be the printed postcards. Please note that here is not in the original picture. Hideyoshi Toyotomi, or Hideyoshi Hashiba (Hideyoshi Hashiba), the warlords over the Azuchi Momoyama period from the Warring States period, daimyo, world people, Kanpaku, Taiko. One of the three Yingjie. The beginning Kinoshita Mr. and last name, change to Hashiba said. As a real family name, but self-proclaimed beginning Taira, after changing one's family name to Mr. Fujiwara become a Konoe family of nephew, it was changed to Toyotomi clan. It is born in the house of Owari Aichi District raff of Nakamurago. Initially, the officer in Nobunaga Oda after absconding also serve to Imagawa house, it was gradually emerged. After Nobunaga defeated Mitsuhide at the Battle of Yamazaki return to Kyoto by when song to Mitsuhide Akechi "China Large-back" in Honnoji Incident, won the power struggle inside the Oda house home to grandson, three Hoshi of Nobunaga, to obtain a successor of the status of Nobunaga. Build the Osaka Castle, was appointed to Kanpaku-daijō-daijin, look forward to Toyotomi last name, played a unification by homage to Japan of the feudal lord. After unification is Taiko Kety and Order of Sword Hunt, Sou safely Ordinance, advanced domestic integration in a number of policies that span across the country, such as Kokudaka system. Reasons are several theories, but in the midst of the role of Bunroku-Keicho that troops in Korea to resolve the conquest of Ming, was Byobotsu entrusted the Hideyori of the heir to the Ieyasu Tokugawa, et al Council of Five Elders. It seized the world to victory in the Ieyasu Tokugawa was the rise is the Battle of Sekigahara after the death of Hideyoshi, Toyotomi house decline. Toyotomi house in the Siege of Osaka of 1614 from the same in '20 (1615) was destroyed in the Edo shogunate. Sunomata of overnight Castle, withdrew port of Kanegasaki, Takamatsu Castle Mizuzeme, China large returns, Ishigakiyama overnight Castle, etc., widely known as a great achievement Risshiden witty, the life that led from the farmer to the world people, "Sengoku one It is described as the up-and-comer. " Origin / production method Japan


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