Source Sen Live Organic Beauty Soap - Jasmine Aloe Vera Rose Base Add Organic Aloe Extract 100G

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Add EU ECOCERT certified organic aloe extract Restores vitality, whiteness and translucent, soothes and regulates skin condition



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Source Sen Live Organic Beauty Soap - Jasmine Aloe Vera Rose Base Add Organic Aloe Extract 100G


Full composition: Jasmine compound environmental fragrance, organic aloe peptide solution, collagen, natural coconut oil, moisturizing repair factor, glycerin, deionized water, caustic soda ●Add EU ECOCERT certified organic aloe extract Restores vitality, whiteness and translucent, soothes and regulates skin condition Add EU ECOCERT certified organic aloe extract, Aloe is recommended by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization as “the best health food for humans in the 21st century”. Aloe vera is a pure natural green plant that combines medicine, beauty, health care, food and appreciation. The value of aloe vera is infiltrated into people's daily lives through various forms. One of the reasons why aloe vera is special is the thick gel in its thick leaves, aloe vera gel. This gel contains various active compounds. These include amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, lignin, minerals and vitamins (vitamins A, C, E, folic acid and vitamin B12). Organic aloe extract is rich in natural skin care ingredients such as eight peptides and vitamins. It is washed and does not dry up. It has a natural herbal moisturizing elastic factor that calms the skin and helps the skin resist oxidation. It also contains a large amount of polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals with good permeability. It is currently the best moisturizing and extremely gentle beauty ingredient! ●The benefits of face soap: 1. Do not wash away too much sebum: The purpose of washing your face is to wash away the dirty makeup on your face, excess sebum on the face, and easy to grow acne. Remove excess sebum to maintain balance, moderate sebum, to avoid excessive skin dryness. 2. Gentle to the skin: Most of the facial cleanser is added with synthetic surfactant, which is more irritating. Beauty soap is relatively mild, organic extracts focus on natural ingredients, making the skin more rest and refreshing. ●Handmade soap introduction 1. Does not contain SLES, SLS and other surfactants, fixatives, alcohol or synthetic chemical synthetic preservatives such as Parabens and EDTA to reduce irritation and sensitization. 2. Strictly select the food grade natural vegetable oil and saponification, do not use animal oil or return oil to make soap. 3. Standard operating procedures, full-scale production control quality, pursuit of precision and perfection in every detail. 4. It is recommended to try it on the inside of the arm before use to confirm that there is no allergic reaction, then you can use it with peace of mind. Handmade soap is a cleaning product and has no curative effect. 5. After use, the soap water will be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by nature within 24 hours, returning to the natural environment and not causing environmental burden. ●Little common sense: What is ECOCERT?? It is a world-renowned professional organization for the inspection and certification of organic products. In the beginning it was founded in 1991 by many agricultural experts and its head office is located in France. There are offices all over the world, and business offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China are located at China Agricultural University in Beijing. These agricultural experts believe that farming should be more environmentally friendly, reduce pollution and avoid the use of pesticides. And you need a standard set of practices that you can follow and refer to. So they created ECOCERT (the company trademark ECOCERT is the abbreviation for Eco Certification), And set some standards to assist in the certification of organic products. It is the earliest investment consultant for organic certification. Therefore, the certification standard of Ecocert is regarded as quite credible in Europe and countries around the world.


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