Goody Bag-Veteran wants to eat | Soil pineapple apple fruit taste pulp 3 into the group

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The color of the pineapple apple is not bright and bright, but it is definitely a summer heat and a sweet taste. ● Organic / non-toxic fruit production ● Sugar reduction but delicious ● Full fruit taste


250g x 3
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Goody Bag-Veteran wants to eat | Soil pineapple apple fruit taste pulp 3 into the group


The story is like this. Some veterans told me that Taiwan's non-toxic pineapple should be very good looking? List Niang: A lot of Ah! Veteran: Then why not make pineapple pulp? Bang Niang: Because I don't like to eat pineapple pulp.... Veteran: You don't like it, I want to eat! (The above two willful two-person conversation ends) So we started looking for a non-toxic pineapple trip. **▌微 has a strict selection** **A wide non-toxic soil pineapple** After many inquiries and understanding of planting, we decided to visit the non-toxic pineapple garden in Akuan. The non-toxic pineapple of Akuan was planted in the folk township of Nantou County. It was originally locked in the sweet and high-fiber and fine gold diamond pineapple. After we ate the Taiwanese native pineapple and golden diamond pineapple planted by their husband and wife, we immediately transferred the target to Taiwanese pineapple! It’s definitely not our heart and soul, but the taste of Taiwan’s native pineapple! The average person's impression of the earth pineapple is the stuffing in the pineapple cake, and then it feels sour! Very biting! The fiber is very thick! Do not! Eating the pineapple of A Kuang Ge will definitely change your view that the pineapple can only be wrapped in pineapple cake! Moderate sweet and sour, many flesh of juice are clear and light, the fiber is not thick, and has a mild aroma. A Kuang Ge and his wife took us around a few pineapple gardens and experienced the pineapple with their own hands. We also know more about the concept of A Kuangang couple for planting pineapples. Did not use pesticides, herbicides, natural pineapple in the yellow, A Kuang Ge said that often see a bite of pineapple bite to change a bite, sometimes there is a bitter pain, but want to eat and eat! Without pesticides, they dare to eat all the time! Juicy sweet and sour soil pineapple really subverts the memory database in our memory, eat it back and quench your thirst, actually can eat one silently! Thank you, A Kuang Ge and his wife for taking care of the delicious non-toxic pineapple! I will use it well! **Organic Fuji Apple** Fuji apples have a warm aroma, sweetness with a little bit of acid, set off the pineapple to add aroma, more temperature. Do not add polysaccharides, eat the natural flavor of the fruit. We love what we insist on! **▌小家手制** Small kitchens are made in small quantities, From the beginning of the fruit processing to the sterilized can packaging, we all came in person. Pineapple and apple are hand cut into small pieces, and the taste of the fruit is eaten. Because of the importance of the process, every bottle is born for love. Stir the jam with the fire, Not much high technology, Only the heart that just wants to do well. As soon as the pulp is cooked, it will be hot and canned. Prepare a vacuum seal and mature in a small transparent world for 7 days. Prepare to transform into a sweet look. **▌About delicious little secrets** The color of the pineapple apple is not bright and bright, but it is definitely a summer heat and a sweet taste. With a full fruity taste, slightly sweet and sour, the most basic way to eat is to put on the bread you love, whether it is toast, miscellaneous grains, original cheesecake, etc., of course, you can also pour it in Yogurt. ! This is definitely a good friend! Adding the iced black tea immediately turns into a must-have pineapple iced tea for summer! Add cold winter melon tea, pineapple winter melon cool and quench your thirst. Cut some fresh fruit, make a cup of black tea ice cubes, put the fruit and pineapple apple pulp into it, add some honey to stir, add the right amount of ice, and finish the summer flavored fruit tea. |Storage period / method| - Unopened at room temperature in a dry, cool place without sunlight - save for 3 months - Unopened and placed in the refrigerator for storage - 6 months - Please refrigerate after opening the bottle. It is recommended to finish it within 1 month. - Please use a dry and clean food to dig | Ingredients | Non-toxic soil pineapple, organic Fuji apple, non-toxic lemon juice, non-bleached red rock sugar. | Product content | Soil pineapple apple pulp 250g ± 5g x3, canvas bundle pocket x3. |Commodity Remarks| · Invoices are included with the goods in Taiwan. If the invoices are to be sent separately, please return the remarks in the remarks column and send the invoices and attach the address. **Stir the stagnation of life, dedicated to you with a good taste and good texture.**


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