*Not sold separately*Non-woven dialog box embroidery nameplate*Only additional accessories embroidered on WaWu products

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*Not sold separately*Non-woven dialog box embroidery nameplate*Only additional accessories embroidered on WaWu products


-Customized text content to meet your needs for personalized gifts and personal use. :) -Scope of use: On WaWu products, choose the location you want to fix, and help you stick the name tag and fix it by hand sewing around it. -It can't be removed at will after fixing, it has certain fastness, so please confirm the content, style and position of embroidery once when ordering!! -Let everyone want to leave a memorial and memorable name and meaning, which can be like embroidery, which can last a long time and stand the test of time. :) **Product content** * Material: Material: hard non-woven fabric (non-woven fabric), the back uses the special hot label material for the fabric, and the surroundings are fixed by hand sewing. * Dimensions: the left and right width is 4.5~5 and 6 cm x the top and bottom height is 4cm, embroidered Chinese characters within 4 characters, Japanese characters within 6 characters, and English characters within 9 characters. **Product ordering process** -This item is custom-made, and customers who need it will place an order. Vicky will start making it. It will take about 1 working day to send it out after hand-made. Thank you. **For beautiful customization, please pay attention to the instructions below for customized embroidery!!** **(1) Text**Please tell us the text to be sewn. (Can be written directly in the "Order Remarks") Chinese girl font; English and number general font; Japanese bold font. * The oval dialog box in the photo will be used for more characters, and a nearly circular dialog box will be used for fewer characters. The designer will arrange it by himself. * No Korean, no simplified Chinese, no Thai. * This model cannot be embroidered with patterns. **(Two) color** Red card + beige words Orange card + royal blue Grass green card + beige words Tiffany Blue Green Card + White Words Tiffany Blue Green Card + Pink Letter Positive blue card + white words Coffee card + beige words https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1860/44333081022_65bf911af3_b.jpg ※ Random color matching: The designer will match the color of the embroidery thread according to the color of the bag, focusing on clarity. **Random color matching is not interesting for every color! If the quantity is large, each color must be matched, please provide the color matching requirements directly! Thank you!** **(3) Location** * Please tell us where to sew, please choose the corner of the product by mistake, the effect will be bad. * If you cannot sew in other special places, we will contact you in the communication column, thank you. :) * If there is no notification of the sewing position, the designer will arrange the sewing position by himself, and no further notice will be given. **Production and shipping information** **-After the order payment is completed, the production will be arranged, and the production will be arranged in the order of payment, thank you.** -Production will only start after the order has been checked out. The general quantity is calculated as 1 working day. Larger quantities will add 1~2 days. -Arrive at the store 48 hours after the goods are picked up by the supermarket. **-Please note that there is no delivery by express and post office on weekends and national holidays.** -Taiwan island express and mail delivery the next day, add 1~2 days to remote areas, pay attention to the postman cup and the courier!! -The postman and the courier will not call. If no one responds, they will deliver it tomorrow. If no one receives it three times, they will stay at the post office and wait for the collection. -If you need to receive it at a specified time, you have to use the black cat home delivery (not the meaning of urgent). (╹◡╹) -Please choose mail in the outer islands, and you need to receive it within a specified time. Please tell the designer that you need to make up the freight to send the black cat (not the meaning of urgent). **Precautions for washing and maintenance** • Many designs and colors are limited edition fabrics, sold out of print • Independent hand works, limited production • Use and maintenance methods: • It is recommended to use ordinary detergent and cold water to wash separately, and to wash with other clothes at the same time, please add a laundry bag. Do not dry clean or use bleaching agents. After washing, let it dry. **Precautions for Handmade and Custom Products** -Handmade goods, it will feel a little bit~ :) -After receiving the embroidery content and color, the production will start directly. If there is any part to be modified, please confirm it before checkout. **-Please provide the text directly. We do not process handwritten photo taking orders!! No graphics files are required. The text of the graphics files cannot be copied. If the text is wrong, it cannot be processed!!** -Because the production is made by Vicky alone, the production time of the embroidery service is very tight, so the customer determines the content to be embroidered, and the payment is completed, I will make it directly, and there will be no drafting or patterning. For action, I have provided many sample photos that have been completed. If you insist on re-production of the draft before production, because it will affect the time of other customers' order production, in order to take into account everyone's rights and interests, guests who need to discuss the draft will not be able to make it temporarily. Thank you. -If you want to see the goods sent out because it is a gift, I have photos taken, so you can ask me for photos of the finished goods. :) This product comes with gift packaging, suitable for gifts. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4038/35280269670_5c74e8f17f_b.jpg The goods are handmade: • Each of the hand works is unique, and the size difference is within a normal range of plus or minus 0.5 cm. • There is some color difference on each computer screen, which is slightly different from the product photos, which is not a defect. • Each work cannot be exactly the same, and the parts captured by each piece of cloth are different. • If the stitches are slightly different from the product photos or slightly incorrect, it is normal and not defective. •Customized goods cannot be returned or exchanged. •Waguo Creative Co., Ltd. passed the "Made in Taiwan MIT Smile Mark Certification" ※Mark number: 01900078 **Return and exchange instructions** -Personal customized products, in accordance with the "Criteria for Applicable Exceptions to Reasonable Exceptions to the Termination of Communication Transactions" announced by the Executive Yuan, designers have the right not to accept returns or exchanges. The designer agrees and guarantees to provide after-sales service such as defect guarantee, replacement, warranty and maintenance to consumers in accordance with the Civil Law of the People's Republic of China, Consumer Protection Law and other relevant laws or sales agreements. -We do not accept returns/exchanges for customized products. -オーダーメイド products, return products, 受付しかねる products. -Pinkoi return policy ( https://pinkoi.com/policy#~g ) -Request a refund link ( https://pinkoi.com/my/refund ) https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4086/35498556982_385999d51a_b.jpg **Origin / manufacturing method** Taiwan Taichung / Handmade


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★ Please note!! This is an additional accessory for WaWu products and cannot be purchased separately. For the specifications that can be made, please refer to the product description below. Those outside the specifications cannot be made, thank you.


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