New Year's Day gift box [group purchase gift box/free shipping] tea bag gift box│Four Seasons Tea Fragrance (3 boxes group purchase price)

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Lu Yuan Tea -1935-- Taiwanese Tea
Lu Yuan Tea -1935-- Taiwanese Tea
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New Year's Day gift box [group purchase gift box/free shipping] tea bag gift box│Four Seasons Tea Fragrance (3 boxes group purchase price)


The best choice for Chinese New Year gifts~ The quality is perfect, the most decent and generous Taiwan souvenir **Each box comes with a festive card. If you need ghostwriting service, please explain the content of the ghostwriting in the remarks column after placing the order.** Four seasons change, accompanied by the fragrance of tea There are flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool wind in summer and snow in winter, If you have nothing to worry about, it is a good time in the world!! With the theme of the four seasons, according to the characteristics of the seasons, Taiwan's good teas of different production seasons and flavors are presented. There are the fragrance of spring flowers, the heat of summer sunshine, and the warm moonlight of autumn. May the fragrance of Luyuan tea accompany you to taste the four seasons Good time. [Four Seasons Tea Fragrance Gift Box] contains three flavors belonging to spring, summer and autumn. Each gift box is equipped with a can of loose tea leaves and a box of four seasons flavor tea bags (10 packs). Allow you to taste the tea flavor of the four seasons at once. Suitable for both hot brew and cold brew. It is suitable for gift giving and personal use. 1.**Spring Flower Fragrance | Tea Spill Flower Fragrance-Jasmine Scented Loose Tea + Fragrance Oolong Tea Bag** Spring is the season of fragrant flowers. Taiwan's specialty semi-fermented oolong tea process, Let the tea go through the fermentation process in the production process to induce the natural floral fragrance in the tea aroma. This Spring Floral [Taiwanese Tea Gift Box] contains two types of tea that belong to spring, with different flavors and processes. The scented oolong tea and the jasmine tea made according to the ancient method invite you to taste the tea fragrance and floral fragrance immersed in spring. **-Contains tea leaves-** **│Chunhua Qingxiang Oolong Tea Bags│**3g*10 bags/a box of tender buds and fresh flower fragrance degree of fermentation semi-fermented Baking time dry (1-2hrs) / Aroma of tea soup Tender buds, grassy fragrance and elegant floral fragrance / Glycol ●●●●○ Richness ●●●●○ Freshness ●●●○○ Sweetness ●●●◐○ It is made of Yilan jasmine oolong tea produced in spring, semi-fermented and lightly roasted. Dongshan Township, Yilan County has abundant rainfall, which is the best environment for the growth of tea trees. The tea soup is elegant, fragrant and sweet, and you can drink the fragrance of young tea buds and fresh flowers and herbs that belong to spring. ▲The origin of the name of Jasmine Tea Before the autumn of the seventy-third year of the Republic of China, Mr. Jiang Yanshi, Secretary of the Presidential Palace, named Dongshan tea after its elegant fragrance and sweet tea soup. ▲ Variety characteristics Jin Xuan: Also known as Taiwan Tea No. 12. Because of its strong ability to adapt to the environment, good quality, tender buds and leaves, thick leaves, green and shiny tea color, sweet and smooth taste, with a light milky aroma, the flavor is quite unique, and it is resistant to brewing. **│Jasmine Green Tea (Fragrance) Loose Tea│**150g / a can belongs to the beautiful smell of spring degree of fermentation not fermented Baking time Scenting and drying (1~2 hours) / tea soup aroma tea fragrance jasmine fragrance / Glycol ●●●●○ Richness ●●●●● Freshness ●●●○○ Sweetness ●●○○○ "Tea attracts the fragrance of flowers to enhance the taste of tea." Jasmine green tea, also known as jasmine slices, is the most famous scented tea in China. Through the change of the composition of jasmine and tea leaves, the astringency of green tea can be weakened, making the taste fresh and mellow, with a Floral and more palatable. 【Deer Garden】Taking ancient times as a teacher and following the scenting process of the Southern Song Dynasty, jasmine flowers and green tea buds picked in spring are taken, one layer of flowers and one layer of tea, stacked layer by layer, absorbing the natural fragrance of flowers into each original tea leaf, so that every sip You can smell the fragrance of flowers and savor the fragrance of tea in one sip. 2.**Summer honey love | Zingzai tea dance music summer honey fragrance - Dongmei loose tea + honey black tea bag** The sultry summer climate in Taiwan has induced nature to bring a special gift. The tea leaves that were originally discarded due to pests and diseases were unexpectedly discovered that after being salivated by the little green leafhoppers, the tea leaves produced a special honey aroma and sweetness after drying. It is an unexpected harvest for tea farmers and a gift from God. This Summer Honey Love [Taiwan Tea Gift Box] contains two different processes, the semi-fermented oriental beauty tea and the fully fermented honey-scented black tea. We invite you to taste the unique tea fragrance and sweetness of Taiwan summer. **-Contains tea leaves-** **│Xia Lian honey scented black tea tea bag │**3g*10 packs/a box of honey scented citrus with rich taste full fermentation Baking time dry (1-2hrs) / Tea soup aroma honey sweet citrus fruity aroma / Glycol ●●●●○ Richness ●●●●● Freshness ●●○○○ Sweetness ●●◐○○ 【Luyuan】Honey Fragrance Black Tea adopts the production technology of Taiwan Oolong Tea. It is made from young leaves of tea trees cultivated by natural farming methods and bitten and sucked by small green leafhoppers. It is different from ordinary commercially available black teas that are fermented in nests to mature tea leaves. Using the production technology of Taiwan oolong tea, the fermentation time of black tea can be effectively controlled according to the characteristics of each batch of tea leaves to achieve the best water quality and aroma. The tea aroma has honey sweetness and citrus fruit aroma. Compared with ordinary black tea, the tea of Mixiang black tea is sweeter and less bitter, and the aroma is not over-fermented, so the aroma of black tea is more variable. **│Oriental beauty tea loose tea│**75g / a can of colorful tea dry honey aroma ripe fruit aroma full fermentation baking time dry Aroma of tea soup ripe fruit savory cool / Glycol ●●●●● Richness ●●●●● Freshness ●●●●○ Sweetness ●●◐○○ Oriental Beauty Tea - Her Majesty's Grace The growth of Oriental Beauty tea requires the use of tea leafhoppers to suck and bite the tender buds, so no pesticides can be used in the process of planting tea trees. A hundred years ago, a British businessman dedicated this tea to the Queen of England. The Queen saw its pekoe buds dancing in the water with the steam transpiration in the crystal cup, and couldn't put it down because of its unique fragrance. Therefore, it is named "Oriental Beauty Tea". 【Deer Garden】Selected oriental beauty tea from midsummer buds, the tea is bright red, sweet and honey-rich. Because the output is very small and it is not easy to harvest, it is more rare and rare, and it is a treasure among teas! *It is recommended to cool the tea soup, add a few drops of brandy or honey, the flavor is even better! 3.**Autumn Night and Moon Warm | Gentle Tea Fragrance - Alpine Oolong Loose Tea + Charcoal Oolong Tea Bag** The moonlight in autumn always brings warmth. Taiwan is good at creating different tastes and aromas of tea leaves through roasting methods. Proper roasting of tea leaves can reduce the fresh leaf flavor of tea leaves, transform tea soup into richer tea, and taste more smooth and smooth. This Autumn Night and Moon Warm [Taiwan Tea Gift Box] contains two types of tea aromas that bring you the feeling of autumn, with different flavors and processes, lightly roasted high mountain oolong tea loose tea and medium roasted oolong tea bags. **-Contains tea leaves-** **│Qiuyue Charcoal Oolong Tea Bag│**3g*10 bags/a box of gentle and sweet degree of fermentation semi-fermented Baking Time Medium Baking (8-10hrs) / Tea Aroma Roasted Charcoal / Glycol ●●●●○ Richness ●●●●○ Freshness ●●○○○ Sweetness ●●●◐○ The medium-roasted oolong tea is selected, and the sweet tea soup has a roasted aroma, which is a gentle and mellow taste like the moon. Taiwanese tea is good at creating different tastes and aromas of tea leaves through roasting methods. Roasting tea technology is often regarded as the unique craft of each tea shop. Medium-roasted oolong tea, compared with ordinary Taiwanese teas with a light fragrance, has less fragrance and more fire aroma, less original flavor and more charm, making it more mellow and thick to drink. ▲Baking degree The oolong tea is roasted in the exclusive slow fire roasting by the master chef, and the freshly roasted Taiwanese oolong tea is carefully selected, and the heat is 30~50%. It is suitable for you who like roasted charcoal aroma and sweet taste. **│Gaoshan Oolong Tea Loose Tea│**150g / a can of fragrant and sweet degree of fermentation semi-fermented Baking Time Light Roast / Aroma of tea soup The tea soup has a floral fragrance / Glycol ●●●○○ Richness ●●●○○ Freshness ●●●●○ Sweetness ●●●○○ Taiwan's geographical environment is rich in mountains. On Taiwan's land of more than 36,000 square kilometers, there are as many as 269 mountains with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. It is one of the islands with the highest density of mountains in the world. Mountains above 1,000 meters above sea level have a large temperature difference between day and night and are shrouded in clouds and mist. The content of bitter and astringent substances such as catechin, theophylline, and caffeine in the tea planted will be relatively low, while "theanine" and "theanine" that contribute to sweetness The proportion of "soluble nitrogen" is increased, and it tastes neither bitter nor sweet. This is the advantage of tea taste caused by the unique conditions of high mountain tea. We all know that your success did not come by accident. Achieving good tea too! It needs the nourishment from the land, the brewing of time, and a lot of hard work and transformation the day after tomorrow. Luyuan’s annual brand packaging is represented by Taiwanese Stone, which needs to be tempered thousands of times, just like tea. I hope that the beauty that belongs to this island will be tasted and remembered together. **How did you get the texture on the packaging? Is it really Stone pattern?** In order to make the texture realistic, we found a large piece of Stone, which has been banned from mining in Taiwan, and used a large scanner to scan the texture of the stone, and took part of the texture and put it on packaging and design products. How can you be so thorough about these troublesome procedures? In fact, you can buy pictures from the gallery~ Many people say so But, I don't like it being so fake, just like the tea in Luyuan! We hope that he is alive, warm, and real enough. He should be unique and beautiful so that it is difficult to choose. Of course we should do everything special enough, only in this way can we be worthy of the special you.


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This is a group purchase combination of three boxes, which contains: [three seasonal flavor gift boxes: spring flower fragrance, summer honey love, autumn night moon warm] ❶ Each gift box contains a can of loose tea + a box of tea bags (10 pieces) ❷Each box contains a small card, you can write your blessings to the recipient by hand ❸ Group purchase groups are limited to home delivery, and each box comes with a bag


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