Self-illuminating fistula key ring (three colors)

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A fascinating element that has been self-illuminating for at least 12 years! Self-luminescence is a combination of chemical elements and everyday wear.


Mr.Sci Science Factory

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Self-illuminating fistula key ring (three colors)

รายละเอียดสินค้า Always looking for a key ring in a bag? A fascinating element that has been self-illuminating for at least 12 years! Mr. Sai's self-illuminating fistula key ring can maintain constant brightness without absorbing the light source. When you hang on a common key or mobile phone, you can quickly find items in the dark! The fistula is often used for dark areas, such as diving watches, warning devices, pistol sights, etc.; At the same time, it is also convenient to find the item in the dark, so the military use is also very common. The use of key rings and necklaces is more life-oriented, and it is a combination of chemical elements and everyday wear. A neon tube, also known as a xenon lamp or a beta lamp, is a light-emitting device made of radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Helium is a radioactive element that is extremely low in nature and must be synthesized by artificial means, and the yield is very limited. According to the US Department of Energy, from 1955 to 1996, the output of the United States was only 225 kilograms, mostly for military use. And because the cockroaches will decay into cockroaches, the remaining cockroaches will not exceed 75 kilograms. The amount of commercial cockroaches used worldwide is now about 400 grams per year, and the cost per gram is as high as $30,000. The structure of the helium gas pipe is very simple, that is, the inner wall of a borosilicate glass tube is coated with a fluorescent paint, and is filled with a trace amount of helium gas and sealed. The helium gas will evenly release a small amount of electron flow, exciting the fluorescent material on the tube wall to cause it to emit light. If a small amount of phosphide is filled into the fistula, the color of the xenon tube can be changed. Depending on the phosphide content, the fistulas now produced are green, red, blue, yellow, purple, orange and white. In daily life, the most common place for snoring is the luminous watch. The light emitted by the fistula is very weak and invisible during the day, but the visible distance can reach several meters at night. Because the half-life of cockroaches is 12.43 years, the service life of the sputum on such luminous watches is about 10 to 20 years. During this time, the light of the fistula will gradually weaken. More than two half-lives, that is, after 24 years, the light on the watch is very weak. Although the amount of enamel on a watch is very small, it is no more than 10 micrograms, but because the price of cockroaches is very expensive, watches using sputum tubes are often more expensive. Otherwise, the cost of the fistula will exceed the cost of the watch itself. A new watch, the brighter the upper tube, the higher the content of the cockroach and the higher the cost. Simply put, the super night light must absorb the light source before it can emit light, but after about 30 minutes, there is no luminous light, and the light source must be absorbed again. The sputum tube is maintained at constant brightness, but it cannot be a luminous effect when the light source is sufficient during the day. (Source: deep blue) Product specifications: ► Tube size: 0.8 x 3 cm ► Key ring size: 2.5 cm in diameter ► Material: glass, stainless steel ► Manufacturing site: 氚 pipe: Dutch import; key ring: Taiwan Precautions: ► The product does not need to be charged at all, and the self-luminous time can reach more than 12 years. ► Do not wear on water activities to avoid damage to the glass tube. ► Avoid strong collisions to avoid rupture of the glass tube. ► The fistula is safe outside the body. Once the fistula is found to be broken, it is necessary to open the window immediately and the person leaves the accident room. Allow to ventilate for a long time before entering the room.


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